What Pakistani Fashion Week Taught Us

With a new venue and a tweaked format the fashion week brings something new to the tired trends of bridal fashion. Some designers showcase their vibrant collection with a powerful statement for the audience each year.

Pakistani fashion designers say theirs is a very difficult task in a country struggling with issues of terrorism, religious fundamentalism and militancy.

But events like the Fashion Pakistan week shows that Pakistan is a country with a lot of fashion and rich in craft.

Every year, the designer tries to showcase a social issue in his showcase. A combination of both established and new names, the fashion weeks is committed to holding on to an experience while having the strength to inject new names into the system as well.

Ali Xeeshan a renowned fashion designer along with his exquisite designs present a strong message about child marriages last year. A girl walked the ramp with school uniform and bag delivering the message that children should not be forced into child marriages rather be given free hand to study. It was Xeeshan’s attempt at creating awareness around child marriages in the country, the statistics of which are rather alarming.

This year the designer had a different message along with his mind blowing collection. During his show, the designer took on the culture of social media that exists now. He presented social media as something that adds unnecessary burdens to shaadis. The culture of likes, shares, and whatnot adds to the craziness that already surrounds our desi shaadis. 

His collection was just jaw dropping. Some of the designers send the message of women empowerment through their collection.

There is a positive side to Pakistan. Through these fashion weeks we can build a softer image of our country and create awareness of many social issues as you can see.

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