What Is White Magic? Here’s How You Can Practice It

We’ve all heard about the not-so-hidden ‘black magic’, the folklores and the good old wives’ tales, however, there is something they don’t tell you about, which is white magic. It’s the kind of magic used for healing yourself rather than hurting others, about developing positive intentions by manifesting this everyday magic into your home. And here’s you can practice it:

1. Practice meditation

Medication helps remove stress and achieve piece of mind, there are several kinds of meditations one can do which range from guided meditation that includes using mental images of places one finds calming to Yoga.

Choosing an appropriate time like before the kids wake up or after they go to school, and letting thoughts flow depending on the kind of meditation you choose. And practicing it daily, making mindfulness a part of life.

2. Visualize daily

Visualizing your goals daily and doing that while using all your senses, in a preferably calm place. You should try to visualize as clearly as possible, even visualize the hurdles and ways you overcome them.

This practice promotes well-being and self empowerment.

3. Give thanks and offer prayers

Mental well-being and peace is linked to compassion and thankfulness. Gratitude is also to be practiced daily and praying is a way to do that.

4. Help others

You receive the energy that you give out. Volunteering for good causes in your society or donating to a charity you believe in are some ways of sending out help and kindness.

All of these techniques and many more that of positivity and of gratitude is what white magic is all about. It begins with the little changes you bring into your life and to see them heal you and make you a better person is no less than any kind of magic.


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