What Is Jibran Nasir Upto

The lawyer and minority rights activist Jibran Nasir gained much fame around the 25th July 2018 elections. He contested in 2013 as well as 2018 elections as an independent candidate for National Assembly’s NA-247 and provincial assembly PS-111 – previously NA-250 and PS-113. He came up with Slogan “Hum mein sy ak” to spread message that He is one of us (general public) and it is not necessary to acquire an inherited political party but one of us can stand up against the strongest and unfairest and defeat them. A song was released as well during the campaign.

“In 2013 when I got 250 votes I did not stop working because I was working for all those 250 people who had voted for me and today if I continue working, I will be doing it for those 6,500 people who voted for me in NA and PS both.”, says Jibran Nasir.

After Nasir’s defeat in election he has launched a movement AiK Awam Movement and has made it the foundation of his party as well. The purpose of movement is to work on promises he made during his campaign.

Advocate Jibran Nasir is the person who became the victim of two controversies during the election period, the beat up by police and being called Ahmedi when he refused to abuse the sect.

“By standing against extremists, we have proved that in Pakistan there is ample space for a democratic agenda which in no way is related to any caste or creed but is solely interlinked by the problems of the public,” states Nasir.

According to Jibran Nasir much has changed since 2013 elections. The youth and nationals of Pakistan are much more aware about the so called democratic politics. He claims that how the cabinet people who are able to obtain water tankers in DHA residence (due to water shortage) will ever resolve or understand the water crisis?

Further, he does not aim to eliminate the corruption or bring the laundered money back but his core cause is to stand up for the common man regardless of religion, race, sect and provide the basic health, education and security of life and property. Nasir’s vision is to follow the steps of our leader Mohammad Ali Jinnah and the generosity of Abdul Sattar Edhi. “Aik Awam Movement” is also the formal beginning of his political career, a politician against VIP culture and abuse of minorities in Pakistan.

Jibran Nasir believes that the common issues faced daily by the nation will be the reason to unite everyone and make them work together. The nation is now fed up and frustrated by the political parties as if similar to that of dynasty rule.

“There is a huge space for an alternative because the current political parties have run their course. Their politics is dying, Our politicians have accepted the militarisation of politics which is now a major, toxic issue of Pakistan,”

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