What is Cyber Bullying and How Can We Stop This Menace

According to a research that included 25 countries, it was found that despite not being on top of the ladder, Pakistan still has a twenty second highest rate in cyber bullying. We all have been bullied at least once in our life by others. Bullies are everywhere and these days, their online presence is growing to an extent. Children and teenagers are exposed to cyber bullies at a larger level than they are exposed to school bullies.


What is Cyber Bullying?

Cyber bullying is also known as cyber harassment and it’s done via electronic means. The act involves sending messages or images that are spiteful, intimidating, or blue; posting confidential information about someone else; assuming a different identity to make that person look bad; or deliberately excluding someone from an online group. They are playing with our thoughts and it’s not a onetime communication, it’s a whole process.

Examples of Cyber bullying:

  • Sending malicious or threatening messages and emails to others.
  • Harassing someone and using their private information without permission.
  • Creating fake profiles of someone on social media.
  • Mortifying someone

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Why Cyber Bullying Happens?

There is a history behind people who become cyber bullies. Frequently though, cyber bullies have some sort of timidity. To shield their egos and achieve supremacy, they make others feel dreadful about themselves by destructing their self esteem. Some cyber bullies think that they’ll gain popularity by doing this, while others do this to feel powerful or to get away from their own problems. At times, cyber bullies take revenge by bullying others because once they were a victim too.

How Does it Affect The Victim?

Cyber bullying affects a victim’s psychology and existence in a very horrific way. Someone who has been embattled in cyber bullying might have the feelings of depression, trauma and anxiety, solitude, and may have great difficulty in sleeping. It can cause a negative effect on one’s academic performance. This may result in poor or unhealthy eating habits, social withdrawals, lack of concentration, low self-esteem, feelings of worthlessness, and even suicidal thoughts. Cyber bullying can be overwhelming for a kid or teen because it makes his life extremely agonizing.

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What To Do?

  • Parents play a major role in preventing bullying. They should help their child in the best possible way by listening to what he says. Parents should recognize the emotions and behavior of child and talk about bullying if the child doesn’t speak up.
  • We should always report about the bullying to someone who is adult. Like we can tell it to our elders or can call to helpline.
  • Counseling and awareness programs should be conducted for victims.
  • We should understand and support the ones who are cyber bullied.
  • Laws should be made to arrest the people who are involved in cyber bullying and harming others.
  • Proper legal and practical actions should be taken.
  • Never trust on any stranger and think before communicating them.

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