What I Learned From ‘Zavia’ By Ashfaq Ahmed

Ashfaq Ahmed a renowned scholar and TV play writer and an adored baba g full of witfulness and wisdom started to host a TV show in his last days of career known as “ZAVIA”. It was this basic drawing room with a homely feeling, students, people including women would gather around him and listen to his twisted but interconnected insights on various topics and then asked questions from him. The show was made into three books ZAVIA one, two and three. These books are a treasure to one seeking guidance and profound doubtlessness in his life.

What I Learned From 'Zavia' By Ashfaq Ahmed

It’s the basic guide for the people who are looking for a pathway to become Sufi or are trapped in some kind of situation from which there is no way out. By reading it your concepts will be revived you will start reading it expecting that you will be given some kind of mystical secrets of eternity of soul but actually your basic concepts will be polished. You will be told that the higher powers we look for are not anywhere but in our own self. For the guidance of soul, you don’t need to find any baba g everybody around can be your baba g from a kid to a gardener to a postman.

If you are feeling ungrateful for the things you have got and you feel that there is no reason in your life to be happy or thankful to Lord for what is actually there ZAVIA will help you immensely. It will start assuring you that the very reason you are alive after all the bloody war history, diseases and changes of regimes is the first reason to be thankful for and it is so big that you are breathing that it cancels out the effort for looking for something specific.

What I Learned From 'Zavia By Ashfaq Ahmed

If you are caught up in a grief from which you find no way out it will tell you that life has trials and these trials are to be fought with great patience and bravery. Trust in yourself and in life and these things will become very tiny and the attention of pity. These things will teach you, redefine you and clear your path away to your destiny. He gives these metamorphically constructed examples in the context of life which may seem absurd and leave you in question but after you have read the whole example it will leave you quiet.

ZAVIA has lessons for consistency in it. Let me quote an example from book here. He said:

When we make an ice cream, we put it into a container and leave it in the freezer, Now, if we check it every now and then the ice cream will not be frozen because proper conditions were not provided. Same is the case with destiny if you decide something just get buckled to it do not question again and again, be consistent and it will definitely leave you where you should be.

ZAVIA is unlike other Urdu literature, it’s very different, it’s a mixture of languages and expressions which don’t really follow any rules or regulations. It is a discussion board which was made for the youth and elderly of the 90’s and still applies to this generation and I am pretty sure will be an asset to the coming generations as well.


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