What Are Faizan Sheikh and Maham Aamir Upto Now?

We all are aware of this that Faizan Sheikh and Maham Aamir got Nikkahfied previous year moreover they got married this year in August. Faizan and Maham make a very beautiful pair and actually a practical one as well. In a discussion, Faizan told that we have very strange stereotypes in our society. He told that after his Nikkah, people kept asking him that is Maham taller than you moreover he said that if she is than why should it be a problem.

Faizan and Maham got back to their fields right after their honeymoon period and they both are shining in their fields. The couple still manages to make time for their family and the get together their friends arrange. They have also attended the engagement of one of their family members and other wedding events as well.

Here’s a look:


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