We’re So Thrilled About The Star-Studded Cast of ‘Teefa In Trouble’!

Pakistan film industry has learned to fly high over the past years. One after another film is taking our heart away.
The teaser of “Teefa in trouble” has been troubling our patience since 22nd February 2018. After teaser, the official trailer was released on Eid ul Fitr, has finally revealed the cast and we can not pick one favorite character.

Teefa in trouble is a package of romance, comedy and action. The selection of cast is just on point with the genre, it is composed of on-screen charming Ali Zafar in a leading male role and Maya ali in a leading Female character, a character that can not be tamed, Marhoom Ahmad Bilal as Billu Butt.

along with Javed hashmi, ever young Asma Abbas, Simi Raheal, Nayyar Ejaz, Mehmood Aslam, Sofia Khan, Mahenur Haider and comedian Faisal Qureshi.

Tom Coulston,a british male model and actor is also a début in the movie.

The film’s cinematography of exotic locations took place first in Lahore and then in Warsaw of Poland. Directed by Ahsan Rahim and produced under (Ali Zafar’s) label Lightingale Productions with distribution collaboration of Mandviwalla Entertainment and Geo Films nationwide and also partnered with known Indian Yas Raj Films. Zafar told in various interviews that he has played his part in writing the story, this could be the most expensive Pakistani production. He has also performed all of the stunts without any double. There is a possibility that our new favorite tracks are going to be from Teefa in trouble.

Ali Zafar has also a part in composition of music while Shani Arshad, singer of ‘Nimma Nimma’ (coke studio) was signed for the film score. Asma Abbas, Momina Mustehsan and Aima Baig are also part of a sound track. More exciting is that the trailer has a subtle hint of No Item Songs.

Here is the latest trailer of probably Pakistan’s blockbuster movie of the year ‘Teefa In Trouble’


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