Wearing Glasses Just Got Easy!

Oh no, it started raining, where’s the windshield wiper for glasses when you need it? As easy and fun as it seems to wear glasses, it’s totally not for the ones who have to wear it day in and day out. It’s the biggest help to, well, see, but that doesn’t mean glasses don’t also weigh us down just a little, if only as much as they weigh our noses down.

Here’s some tricks and tips for all the spectacled fellows out there who could use the help to navigate through life better.

  • Use Something Glow-In-The-Light 

You could swear you put your glasses on the side table before you went to bed, but you wake up and they’re gone? And the funniest part, you can’t look around for them either because you need the glasses to, see. Use some glow in the dark paint or put anything translucent that glows in the dark on the case to locate the sneaky frame even in the dark.

  • Turn Your Camera into a Telescope, Or At Least Make Believe

Near-sighted people can also use their phone camera to locate their lost spectacles, guess selfies isn’t the only thing a camera is good for.

  • Use Diluted Dish Soap For Cleaning

Chemicals with alcohol or vinegar, ammonia, and bleach can destroy the coating on the lens, it’s better to clean it with diluted dish soap instead.

  • Bye Bye Slippery Ends

Gravity sure is powerful, but that’s okay because you can try some tricks of your own. Tie hair ties near both ends of the frame in tight knots and viola, no more slipping.

  • Microfiber All The Way

Keep enough microfiber cloths with you to clean your glasses, the lens is sensitive to lines and scratches and other clothes damage it, ultimately ruining the line of vision and making it blurry. You can easily get these from optical shops. And make sure to replace dirty ones, too. Don’t use your clothes to wipe the lens, they contain dust and what not and can cause more scratches and damage.

  • Balance is Key

Frame in a bit of a dis-balance? No worries, place it on a level surface and adjust the positioning accordingly, fix it by tweaking it gently or it might break too.

  • Toothpaste Can Save the Day

Use a cotton or soft wool cloth with a little non-abrasive toothpaste to buff away scratches on glasses. Rub the lens gently, moving the cloth in small circles, and continue this motion for 8-10 seconds, then rinse it with cold water and wipe dry.  Repeat the process for a stubborn scratch until it is completely removed.

Hope this helps!

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