We Shouldn’t Let Kids Use Crackers on Shab e Barat

Shaba e barat is observed between the 14th -15th of Shaban, the month following up the month of Ramazan. It is said to be the night when one’s destiny and matters of life and death is written. It is also observed as celebration of birthday of the 12th Imam, Hazrat Imam Al Mehdi by the Shia sect. It is observed by spending night in Ibadat (prayers) and asking for mercy for people in this world as well as there Hereafter.

Although many deny the celebrations because of the lack of reliable evidence from Quran and Sunnah but the opinion of others is still widely accepted. Here is where people do it wrong, one word: Crackers!!

Recently, in Pakistan people have gotten into a habit of turning everything into a loud celebration full of disco lights even if it is matter regarding religion. It’s been a tradition to cook sweet dishes and distribute it among neighbors and less privileged people. But there’s also one of letting kids buy crackers. Kids don’t usually understand the concept of Shab e Barat, so it makes little to no sense of why we allow them to use crackers. On a perfect occasion for teaching children the Islāmic value, kids are usually are left out wild with crackers.

Now the turned up speakers of Masjid and crackers are not a delight treat while trying to concentrate and peacefully pray. It is criticized on social media platforms but that’s about it. Solemn is usually the key in celebrations of religious festivals and communication is the best way to right the wrong. We should discourage such acts in a respectable manner and share opinions on how low volume should be kept so people worshiping at home can have it their way.


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