We Dare You To Drive On These Most Dangerous Roads In The World

Roads are supposed to be safe for the commuters so they don’t get stressed while driving. But there are many places in the world where it is not possible to build a real road or to meet all the safety standards, in this video we will show you the most dangerous roads in the world.

  • ZoJi La, India

It’s a very narrow road in india it is 5.5 miles long which connects Ladack & Kashmir. It is so narrow that you cannot turn around in case you are stuck. More Over you might meet lots of livestock while driving as this is the only way to commute in this hilly area.

  • Transfagarasan, Romania

This road is located in hilly mountains of Romania and reach up to 6000 ft of altitude, and at some points it is so steep that you might feel to be on a roller coaster, which makes it extremely dangerous.

  • Dalton Highway Alaska

It is the most isolated road in Alaska, which connects the 3 small villages in Alaska, and it is the most snowy highway in the world. Make sure you have your cell phone charges, have your supplies, and have very goo snow tires, because if your car breakdown on this highway, it will take weeks before some one will get there to help you.

  • Khardung La, India

This road is located at more than 18000 ft of altitude which makes it the highest roadway in the world.

  • Yungas Road, Bolivia

This is the most dangerous and deadly roads in the world that takes the life of more than 200 people travelling on this road every year. It’s a very narrow road with a mountain on one side and a sheer cliff on the other.

  • Atlantic Ocean Road, Norway

This road in Norway runs across the Atlantic ocean as you can clearly understand by its name. It’s a popular tourist attraction because of its mot beautiful & breathtaking views. During high tide your car might get washed in to the ocean by the strong waves striking the road bridge.

  • Guoliang Tunnel, China

This road connected different tunnels which are the only access to the remote villages, on one side of the road is mountain and on the other a sheer drop off the cliff.

  • Le Passage Du Gois, France

This road is so dangerous that it only opens for few hours each day. When its closed road gets under water due to high tide.

  • Hana, Hawaii

Its is one of the most beautiful roads in Hawaii & also very dangerous due to excessive land slides.

  • Col De La Bonette, France

One of the most dangerous roads in france due to steep points in the road.

  • Gotthard Pass, Switzerland

Most beautiful roadways in the area and lots of steep turns that you have to maintain your focus on the road else you will drive off the cliff as there is no safety barriers.


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