Watch Orionid Meteor Shower 2017 (LIVE)

Hill Valley Laboratories Live Streaming

It’s the LIVE stream by Hill Valley Laboratories of tonight’s Orionid meteor Shower 2017.

“They’re live streaming our EMCCD camera throughout the entire night hoping to see some meteors from the 2017 Orionid meteor shower. Due to the unique location if this camera- we can expect to see a lot of Aurora Borealis in the background while watching for meteors. Hopefully this will not be too much of a nuisance 🙂

Camera looking about 45 degrees westward off north. Sensitivity set to approximately match human eyes accustomed to darkness. Video standard is NTSC SD at 30 fps. Real-time hqdn3d spatial and temporal filtering to compensate for camera noise. Custom utilities for captioning the stream.”


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