War on Terror: Pakistan Lashes Back the US

Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi rejected The White House accusations that the country provides safe heaven to the militant groups. Pakistan has been fighting this war against all odds and sacrificed many lives as of today. But not much efforts have been made by other governments to recognize Pakistan’s major role in this battle.

In response to U.S accusations, Pakistan’s Prime Minister said:

Attacks in the region were originating across the border in Afghanistan. There is no room for them to take a tough stance here, because Pakistan is the country which is fighting the war on terror Prime Minister; Shahid Khaqan Abbasi

Prime Minister reiterated that Trump’s troop increase and support to Afghanistan will end in failure and urged the Afghan government and the Taliban to join the tables for peace talk.

“We have assured them of whatever assistance we would be able to offer, but things are quite fragmented on that side,” he also added. “Pakistan has tried twice, but the talks have been sabotaged.”

“We have asked them to share any intelligence about the Haqqani network, we will take action, the attacks however are being made from across the border, we have pinpointed even the sanctuaries of the attackers. Cross-border infiltration from Afghanistan is the order of the day.” Prime Minister.



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