Want To Socialize in Islamabad? ‘Creative Mornings’ is Your Answer

Creative Mornings are free breakfast events happening all over the world. It all started in NYC, Brooklyn. It’s an inventive gathering in which people of all races and genres of life come and have breakfast. The unique thing about the breakfast is you bring your own mug. Each time a theme is announced and all the meeting is around that theme. Last theme was “game”. There are speakers on board. The last speaker was Sadia Bashir, a graduate of COMSATS Islamabad and an internationally awarded game developer.

Want To Socialize in Islamabad Creative Mornings' is The Answer

The events happen around the globe in 65 countries and 180 cities. This organization is driven by 1500 volunteers. The superb thing about this social gathering is that you can literally meet any one from McDonalds to a high-tech IT CEO, from a business professional to a chef. It is really a great opportunity for all extroverts out there, plus maybe you meet the “one” there. ‘wink wink’

In Pakistan, creative mornings are held in Islamabad on different sites but mostly in NIC (National Incubation Center). The process for registering for the free event is really simple. You are required to signup at, put a slaying display picture and add a cool and intriguing bio of yours. Then go to the “Attend” section on the menu tab and select Islamabad as your city. Look for any upcoming events and details about the event. Click on get ticket and voila! your ticket is reserved. The first 100 tickets are absolutely free. For the next breakfasts you will get emails for the ticket opening dates so that you can grab the tickets timely.

Want To Socialize in Islamabad Creative Mornings is The Answer

Making a profile on creative mornings can give you other benefits like it can help you get a job because while making a profile the website gathers information about your career and interests and classifies you by your given info. The famous businesses that have collaborations with creative mornings include WordPress, Adobe, Mail Chip and many many more. So get out of your blanket, dress up and go have a day!


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