Want To Find The Best Way To Nourish Inner Peace?

When you are young you think there’ll be plenty of people you’ll connect with, as you get older you realize it’s only suppose to happen a few times or for some people, never. That feeling when you talk to somebody and nothing else matters, in that moment you truly are free.

It’s in instances like that when you get a glimpse of life in its purest form, where you can fully convey your ideas without any kind of inner block. That’s why they promote the idea of being yourself in books and in movies, so that you are at peace. There’s no beauty greater than a harmony of the self.

Girl drawing smiley face on to a wall

Where nothing can make you feel any other than what you want to be felt, it’s an inner force that overpowers all things untrue, you become your own superhero.

If you find these people it means God has been kind to you. A state of bliss where you can be comfortable enough with your own self that you don’t bear ill will for anybody. Because when you transcend these trivial casualties and look at the World from a bigger perspective, material things just seem a little imbecile.

You know better now, that you are on a journey higher than any of this. Worldly things are important, sure, but only to sustain life not to go beyond it and overcome the ‘nafs’.

The real journey is that of love and all things they call ‘spiritual’, it doesn’t matter what you call it, it’s a state of being that reflects God in each one of us, and that is exactly what we should stay alive for.

And it’s art we should stay alive for, for adventure and for music, for all the little things and bigger conversations, and for everything truly human.


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