Want a New Passport? Here’s The Process of How To Renew Your Passport Online

Today, we live in an era ruled by the internet, the success of any system usually depends on it’s ability to adapt itself to the internet, providing users with more ease and convenience. One of the worst things that Pakistanis have to go through is standing for hours in a line, just waiting for you turn to apply for the renewal of an identity card or a passport.

Thankfully, NADRA has finally approved the online renewal of passports. If your passport has expired or it’s validity is for 7 months or less, you can apply for passport renewal online. For this purpose, you will need the following documents;

  • Copy of CNIC
  • First two pages of old passport (copy)
  • No Objection Certificate (for government employees)

In case of minors;

  • NICOP or FRC
  • CNIC (copy) of parents
  • Computerized B-Form
  • Computerized Death Certificate (if mother or father has passed away)
  • Certificate of Guardianship

How To Renew Your Passport Onlin

The sizes of these documents to be uploaded in the documents section of e-Services portal should not be greater than 1 MB. when naming the documents, use only underscores ‘_’ and dashes ‘-‘. Do not use periods ‘.’ or spaces ‘ ‘.

A recent (not older than six months) picture with a white background and size 45 mm by 35 mm are required. The photo should be clear and no greater than 5 MB in size. Only .JPEG, .JPG and .PNG formats are supported.

A fingerprint form is also required for this purpose. In case of any missing fingerprints (such as amputations) notations must be made. The size should not be more than 3 MB. A valid Credit/Debit card is also required for online payment. You will also need to enter your present address for the delivery of the passport.

How To Renew Your Passport

You should first register your account on e-Services, prepare an application for passport renewal and pay the fee (5,000 to 12,000 exclusive of tax depending on the pages and urgency). Upload all the required documents and fill the required fingerprint form, scan it at 600 DPI and upload it. the process usually takes 17 minutes. The urgent passports are delivered within 4 working days whereas normal passports are delivered within 10 working days.

This new online application is a step forward for the Pakistani government and also creates huge conveniences for the people. Currently, it is available only for the Pakistanis who are abroad. However, it will soon be extended to residents as well.


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