Walwar: Girls Sold In The Name Of Marriage

Girls silenced in the name of so called culture.

Pakistan is the third most dangerous country for women in the world. More than 1,000 women and girls murdered in “honor killings” every year and 90% of Pakistani women suffer from domestic violence of some sort. This barbaric treatment of women is labeled as traditional values, norms and culture. Below is one of the many cultural rituals which torment women – Walwar.

Beginning from the ancestral convention of Afghanistan, particularly from a Pashtun viewpoint, Walwar is the most well-known Pashto expression for bride price. All the more particularly, Walwar is the aggregate of cash paid by the groom or his family to the leader of the bride’s family unit. What’s more, out of this entirety, the lady of the hour’s family may furnish the couple with an endowment (or Jahez), which more often than not comprises of furniture and gems/garments. Along these lines, Walwar is essentially an installment to the lady’s family in exchange of the young lady who is given away in marriage and isn’t particularly coordinated to be spent on the arrangement of her dowry.

However, it appears that Walwar is likewise as far as anyone knows given with the end goal to repay the guardians of the lady for the money related misfortune they endured while bringing up their girl. Henceforth, it is defending the thought that having a little girl is in reality a weight (and that is typically how it is seen among most Pashtun families, particularly in ancestral regions) and having the bride (or bride’s family) pay for that weight will abruptly make their having a girl advantageous. And keeping in mind that, in a few or maybe even most cases, the facts may confirm that young ladies are “sold off” to men/families on the grounds that the young lady’s family can’t stand to keep her because of monstrous neediness.

Is it justifiable enough that girls are wedded off and they can’t take care of their parents so she must be sold off in marriage? Is this the way great nations treat its women? “NO”. It has to end, it has to stop. We need to be aware of this and put an end to it ourselves!


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  1. this tradition of selling the bride comes from arabic culture of middle east, where dowry, jahaiz is a south asian tradition. both of these tradition are wrong and a bzrden on the families involved. poverty and greed is behind both traditions. one has to find a middle way and the costs should be sgared equally by both parties, more important costs should be kept low or even a law has to be made to stop such nonsense exagerrated rituals.

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