Visiting Thatta? Here is the List of Fine Restaurants in City

Thatta the historic town in the South-east of Sindh province. It is an ancient city and has great importance in history. Today, it’s famous for its archaeological sites and centuries old monuments which make a great tourist attraction. So if you are visiting Thatta, don’t worry about where you should go get food as listed below are a number of fine restaurant in this town.

Food Qila Restaurant

The food Qila provides is of the best quality with delicious varieties ranging from Pakistani, Bar B Que, Fast Food and Chinese cuisines. It’s a nice luxury environment which is air conditioned. It also happens to be pretty cheap.
Not only that, it has a great guest house as well!

Adam Halo Restaurant

It is also one of the great restaurants in Thatta. It serves mouth-watering food with really good management. Overall, it’s a good place to eat. Although, it does not have a parking space.

Pizza Hut and Fast Food

It is a fast food restaurant in Thatta. Quality pizza with great varieties are available. The taste is very good so you won’t regret it.

Zaiqa Darbar Restaurant

Zaiqa darbar Resataurant delivers delicious food and variety of different dishes.The quality is great and ambience is welcoming. The taste of food is just amazing.

Makli Grill Restaurant

The food is delectable and excellent. The staff is also soft-spoken and well-behaved. The place is really clean and it’s a good environment to be at. There’s a mosque nearby as well, so it’s a good place to rest for a while in your travels.

Autaq Cafe

Autaq Cafe is a coffee shop on main National Highway near Thatta and Makli. Autaq Cafe is providing BarBQ and a variety of parathas like potato, chicken, cheese and even pizza! With that you have a lot of teas to choose from such as elaichi, green and doodh patti. We suggest you try the may chicken roll and Bihari Tikki with Aloo paratha if you happen to be there.

So visit the ancient city and enjoy the delectable food in the restaurants in Thatta.


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