Visiting Swat? Here Are Some Places to Eat in Bangup Swat Valley

Swat “the Switzerland of east” is known for its captivating and magnificent beauty.Its snowcapped mountains and exhilarating beauty attracts people from all over world. It is one of the popular tourist destination.There are pine forests with meandering streams.If you are planning your vacations to swat and you are a foodie so don’t get worried of the food. Here is the list of spots you just need to stop, eat and enjoy.

Pearl Continental Hotel Swat

PC swat provides the wide range of local and continental delicacies with friendly environment.It is the right place to enjoy your lavish meals.

Podina Restaurant

Podina Restaurant

Podina restaurant is one of the best hotel in town. It offers good variety of food with great quality.You can also enjoy the trout fish of swat and will be mesmerized by its taste.

Qurban Restaurant Swat

G Qurban Restaurant

It is one of the oldest restaurant of swat. It serves Pakistani cuisines in reasonable prices.

Hotel De Papa swat

Hotel De Papa

One of the finest restaurant to dine in with alluring location.Just eat and enjoy your meal.

Ayub Hotel Swat

Ayub Hotel

It is located on riverside.You can enjoy your food along the gushing water which adds beauty to your victual.

Dewan-e-Khas swat


The restaurant provides with Pakistani aswell as chinese cuisines. You can enjoy your meal on a rooftop or on seaside seating.

Relax Food Point swat

Relax Food Point

This venue is famous for grilled and fried fish. You can enjoy perfect view while eating. They serve in open air with bamboo huts.

Mr. Cod

It is UK leading fast food place. You can take and dine in. Fish and chips are famous here and children play park is also not to be missed

If you are a foodie and a fine travellor so don’t wait, just book your tickets and beat the heat this summer with amazing and delicious food in the valley.


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