Visiting Mardan? Here are Some Of The Best Places to Eat in The City

Mardan is the city of ruins and archaeological sites. If you are having a visit to the city so here is the list of food places you need to get a visit.

Traskoon Restaurant

Traskoon Restaurant is one of the famous restaurant due to its quality and variety of food.It is opposite to sports complex. One of the finest place to enjoy fresh fish here.

Toru Hotel and Restaurant

It is one of the best place for foodies in Mardan. This hotel offers a variety of delicious food and good atmosphere, plus ambiance is great.

Shelton Restaurant

It has many branches in different cities.It offers Pakistani and Chinese cuisines.Good quality and services are available.The environment is clean and cooperative staff deals in.

Mr. Cod Restaurant

Visiting Mardan Some Of The Best Places to Eat in City

It is UK’s leading fast food place. You can take and dine in. Fish and chips are famous here. The best fast food chain in the city. It offers the best fried fish, chicken and burgers, so enjoy your meal here!

Kebabish Restaurant

Kebabish restaurant offers a variety of kebabs there.Chapli kebabs are really famous here.It is one of the place where you can get the best Kebabs of the town. It offers other dishes which are really unique in its taste.

Italian Pizza

The restaurant provides with a variety of pizzas that will tantalize your taste buds.This place is also popular in Mardan.

If you are in Mardan don’t forget to taste their traditional delicacy called Mardan Perras  or Badayooni Perras. It has a unique type of sweet made of a special recipe with unique flavor. According to the owner a lot of people could make similar sweet but they can not produce the taste of Badayooni Perras.

So travel to historic city of Mardan to explore its attractivety and enjoy your meals with a different taste.

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