Visiting Chitral? Here Is The List of Top Places You Need To Visit

If you are planning your vacations, place the visit to Chitral on the top of the list. Yes, the Chitral is heaven on earth. Its serene and majestic view is an absolute treat to eyes. Chitral is capital of Chitral district in KPK province.It is not just a valley with mountains and river flowing through but is a historical city of east. It is also called as Pearl of North.So here is the list of places you need to visit in chitral.

Shahi Mosque

It is the main mosque in town Chitral. The mosque is famous for its distinctive and cultural architectural designs. It was built by Shujaul Mulk in 1924 AD. The mosque is considered as finest piece of architecture in Chitral.

Shahi Fort

The fort is situated on banks of river Chitral besides the Shahi mosque.It is believed to be constructed in 14th century by Raja Nadir.This place still serves as a residence for royal family of Chitral.Pictures and artifacts of Mehtars of Chitral are very well-preserved here.You need to get a permission for visiting the fort.

Tirich Mir

It is the highest mountain of Hindukush range.It is very impressive snow-capped mountain which can be clearly viewed from higher place of town.It is one of the wonderful sight to behold.

Garam Chasma (Hot Spring)

It is about 2 hours drive from Chitral town.It has breath-taking natural scenery.This place is gaining popularity for healing skin problems and joints pains.This chasma is filled with trouts and you can enjoy the delicious trouts.

Chitral National Park

Chitral gol national park is one of the national park of pakistan.You  will be able to see Pakistan’s natinal bird and animal i.e Chakor and Markhor.The park is surrounded by high Hindukush peaks.Snow leopaed,Ibex,large variety of birds and wild animals can be seen here.

Shandur Polo Ground

Shandur polo ground is one of the world’s highest polo ground.Polo is favourite game of people here.The polo festival  is celebrated each year in July where tournament is played between different teams of Gilgit and Chitral.The match is also observed by foreigners.The festival also included folk music,tradional sports and folk dances.

Shandur Lake

It is located in high mountain pass which connects Chitral and Gilgit.It is one of the attractive and scenic spot in Chitral.It is also called as Roof of the world.This place is famous for polo festival  organised here.You will be much mesmerized by the beauty of lake.

Shandur Lake

Kalash Valley

The valley is inhabited by people who have their unique culture, religion and language. This valley is popular among tourIsts. It is the land of colorful culture. Each year in the mid of April the kalash festival is celebrated. The main objective of the event is to protect and preserve Chitral’s unique culture and heritage. The road to valley is grave and narrow thus one of challenging road of country.

Kalash Museum

Kalash museum is known as Bamborate museum. It is on bamborate valley road. The museum had a collection of objects and books relating to kalasha people and their religions, cultures and festivals.

Ayun Valley

Ayun valley is situated between Chitral and kalash. The village has got scenic and beautiful landscapes. It is popular among tourists.

Other than these there are several valleys which are also good places to visit. Chitral is also famous for its dry fruits apricot, almond, pistachios and groundnuts. The tourists are also attracted to precious stones and artistic handcrafts.

Well the trip to chitral will be one the best trip ever because the picturesque of our land is more than Maldives or Malaysia.


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