Visa Free Countries for Pakistanis

Everyone knows travelling sounds good in theory, but applying for a Visa can be hell, so it might come as a surprise for the average Pakistani dying to get lost in a whole new culture but apprehensive about actually getting to the passport office, that there is a whole list of countries where Pakistanis are not required to get any Visa! There are also some countries that let Pakistanis issue a Visa on arrival that rids the traveler from the long and gruesome process of acquiring it from your hometown

Sounds too good to be true? Well, in this case, it isn’t! Stick around to find out more!


Dominica is a visa free country for Pakistan

A picturesque Caribbean Island, nestled snugly between Guadeloupe and Martinique, filled to the brim with exotic black sand beaches and tropical jungles where travelers can hike to their hearts content. Since the main foreign policy objective of this beautiful sovereign state is economic growth and development, it readily opens its shores and hospitality for potential tourists for up to 21 days!


Pakistanis can visit Haiti visa free

This is another beautiful Caribbean Island situated on Hispaniola that allows Pakistanis to set foot on their phenomenal country for no less than 3 months! Wow! Now that’s some vacation! This exciting Island offers tourists a chance at tantalizing their taste buds for exquisite Lebanese and Portuguese cuisines and exploring all that this fiery country has to offer!


Micronesia Islands can be visited visa free

This confederate state consists of a whopping 600 exotic Islands each with something new to offer to tourists, spread out across Oceania. These extremely welcoming Islands allow any traveler with a Pakistani Visa to journey through their territory for up to 30 days! Tourists will feel as if they were part of the marine life, with amazing activities such as snorkeling, scuba diving and surfing available to them.

Saint Vincent and The Grenadines

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines for Pakistanis

Another striking Caribbean Island, this small country meets the Atlantic Ocean and opens up a world filled with numerous fun filled beaches that are now accessible to Pakistanis without the hassle of acquiring a Visa for an entire month!

Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad and Tobago visa for pakistan

A dual-island Caribbean nation situated on the Venezuelan front, they have a distinct culture of Creole traditions and cuisines. The duo’s capital, Port of Spain, is famous for the festive and remarkable carnivals it holds each year, exuberant with gypsy style music such as Calypso and Soca. These quaint islands give Pakistanis entry into their lovely country for free with a 30 day time limit!


Going Vanuatu from Pakistan

From sandy beaches to mighty volcanoes, this South Pacific Ocean nation which consists of 80 islands has it all! Tourists are offered lessons in scuba diving in wonderful coral reefs and a tour of mysterious underwater caverns with even more ominous wrecks of ships. Pakistanis are allowed to stay within the Islands for a 30 day time period where they can delve deep in the rich and luxurious hotels that the Island has to offer, or if they are more adventurous at heart, tourist can choose to dive in to the depths of the unknown!

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