Video Of Dolphin Police Helping Female Riders Goes Viral

Footage of Dolphin Force officials lending a helping hand to two girls on a motorcycle has garnered attention online.

Reports have revealed that the two girls asked for help from the officials driving by after their motorcycle broke down.

The video shows the officials of the Punjab Police security unit holding hands of the girl driving the motorcycle, making an effort to draw the vehicle closer to them and assisting them in reaching their desired destination without any hurdles.

With the considerable number of views the video racked up online, several users applauded the officials for providing aid to the troubled female riders while others condemned the act.

Addressing the disapproval by the public SSP Dolphin Nadeem Khokar stated: “The girls called for help on their own. There is no gender discrimination when it comes to helping.”

The criticism mainly came due to a Dolphin official holding the hand of the girl driving the bike. Some people said that such actions could cause accidents while many more lashed out on the act of holding hands. Many more came out to defend the act by saying that the women had asked for help by themselves.

The video was also posted on social media with wrong and misleading captions which led to quite a lot of controversy on the internet. However, the gesture of help was not wrong. The girls might have asked anyone else but they opted for the Dolphin officials as they thought they could trust them.

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