Urdu Column of Mansoor Afaq نیا وزیراعظم New Prime Minister

Panama case has not ended yet. It’s just been refereed to the NAB. Election can be help in 2018 or before but Sharifs can’t get into power now. Next five years will be the rule of PTI in Pakistan. Sharif family can try to keep their politics alive for next five years and can also make their turn to rule in 2023 but Sharif family has been defeated & Imran Khan has won! Hamza Shahbaz & Suleman Shahbaz are the only two persons left in the family who can continue the legacy of politics. Other members of the family would most probably be disqualified in coming days because of the references that have been sent to NAB and which’ll be headed by a Supreme Court judge.

Urdu Column of Mansoor Afaq Naya Wazir E Azam

This Urdu column of Mansoor Afaq was published on July 30th, 2017.

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