Urbanization is a Threat to Human Existence

Urbanization is one of the defining processes of modern times, with more than half of the world’s population now living in cities. Planning of a city or a land has a direct impact towards its mass integration. Planning is said to be the major proportion to any development, it can either be predicted or prescribed according to the population and class stratification. Most specifically a city is prospered in adequate to its center that is City Center.

Today, in this period of technological development, it is very important for us to make sure that growth occurs not only providing beneficiaries to the manufacturer but also to the consumers. Today as we look towards a society, role of each designation is settled with respect to providing progress and gaining profitable revenue. The main purpose of every sector is to maximize profit; despite that human rights and satisfaction is taken into consideration after resolving to conclusions. Nevertheless, we need a social planners who seeks towards the withstanding defects that this so called advancement is providing us. When we take a look towards Pakistani society the situation is worse. Today, when all countries are focusing on improvising the environment and natural factors; Pakistan is still struggling to maximize its revenue.

Urbanization is a Threat to Human Existenc

When we rotate through the timeline of master planning of any city a drastic change can be observed in its demography. With high density of land been exploited through urban sprawl. It can be observed that common development planning institutes have played a major role in this mass evolution through speculation; sub dividing their single unit bungalows into 3 to 4 unit houses. Over the years, Group of Building companies and communities have played a major role in their mass speculation of societies. These dealers own a specific area of land and confiscate it into Gated Communities that initially provoke beneficiaries but at some point is a major drawback to integration of city.


Day by day, due to expansion of popularity among the countries, the major subject of concern is rising pollution and sanitation issue and increased demand of natural resources. Evacuation might not be the solution to overcome this issue though. Nevertheless, how the demography of this urban settlement is managed might be the main cause of concern.

Urbanization is a Threat to Human

If perhaps a land is divided according to its class stratification, it can be determined that mostly higher class find it permeable to afford a better living standard. Furthermore, as we move more towards the city centers high rises and multi-story houses are mostly observed. Across the world it would be a dilemma to only focus towards expansion of city vertically or horizontally. High rise apartments would rather provide good architecture to a country but there are major drawbacks to this as it counters the phenomenal diversities of our societies.

Nowadays, most specifically elite class usually are provoking built up schemes through which they acquire cross- subsidiary. However, when it comes to modern urban planning, land-uses should be organized in livable, accessible and multi centered societies.


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