Unravel Me By Tehereh Mafi

Book Review

There are certain kinds of books out there. Some you just read and think they were a good read. Some compel you to think more. But some just leave such a lasting imprint on you and end up changing you completely.  The book which left an important impression on me was written by Tehereh Mafi, a small town girl from Connecticut. She is the author of “Unravel Me”. The first book is the trilogy. It tells the story of a girl with a horrible past who was bound with the shackles of her own existence. She was born with the ability of lethal touch that made skin to skin contact toxic. Though this ability made her really powerful and skilled, yet it also created distance from the ones she loved.

There are lovely characters like Warner and Adam, each sketched with interesting and unique traits. The aspect of the book which left me tongue-tied was the author’s unique style of writing; she highlighted the protagonist’s inner most thoughts which when smash together with the reader’s mind, keep them on their toes and force them to mull over on their life.

I’ll suggest you all to read this novel “Unravel Me” at least once in your life. Maybe it can change you the way it changed me.


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