UMAR GUZAR RAHI HAY!!! A Dilemma of Pakistani Society

“Umar guzar rahi hay” is a phrase a 25 years old Pakistani girl hears more than Assalam-o-Alikum. Once you reach your twenties, your parents start to push you. But once you reach twenty-five, they literally try to get rid of you. I know it’s harsh, but many girls out there will surely understand this.

The funny thing is, they say that ‘no you are not a burden’, but in their heart they feel a blue whale worth of weight. I sometimes feel that a girl is still buried. She has to bury her dreams, her goals, her career, and sometimes, her believes as well. She has to kill her soul, and leave her parent’s house to support the dreams of a whole new family (No, not just the guy, the whole family!). Don’t worry, their dreams are cute. They just want you to clean their dishes, cook the food, wash their clothes and don’t forget the ironing. How can I forget their biggest dream?

That you’ve stay quiet and don’t complain about anything.

Otherwise, you will be visiting the ‘in-law courtroom’ like the ‘Sharif family’.

Don’t you dare tell your parents that, secretly, you don’t want to get married, and you want to be independent and focus on yourself. Otherwise, you will hear another phrase, “Haye! shaadi nahi keroge? to kya saari zindage apnay bhai k ser per bethoge?” Warning you! This reply might as well be followed by a CHAPPAL.

We are told our whole lives to put our faith in Allah. When it comes for them to put their faith in Allah, why do they freak out? Isn’t it so de-motivating that the people who motivated you your whole life to put your trust in Allah, suddenly they have lost faith, and they want you to get married to the next man they see.

Dear parents, we respect you, we know that we have to get married one day, but please! Stop giving us the reminder that we are getting old and there might be no one in the world other than you to take care of us. Allah sent us and He took care of us even before you did. Have a little leap of faith, dear parents.

Don’t worry girls; your trial doesn’t end here. Once you finally get married, then you will be hearing this phrase “Bacha nahi kerna kya? umar guzar jaege”. No, no… It doesn’t stop there. After you have a family, the final phrase you listen is, “Ye to Allah Allah kernay ki umar hay bas”. *Rest in peace*

Umar guzar gae hamari yahi suntay suntay,
keh umar guzar rahi hay tumhari holay holay


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  1. No girls are burden on their families, but parents wants to see them happy and in their thinking marriage is a part of it. Don’t confuse dreams, career etc. with marriage. There are thousands of working women which are happily married. Regarding the timing of marriage its because once u get older its difficult to adjust because ones personality started to get rigid. It necessary to get married with someone who thinks that your career and goals are also important, but don’t blame parents for this.

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