UAE Hands Over MQM’s Hammad Siddiqui to Pakistan

Prime Suspect Of Karachi Baldia Factory Fire Incident

UAE authorities handed over MQM’s ex leader and prime accused person of Baldia factory fire case Hammad Siddiqui to the Pakistani authorities. He was arrested in October this year by UAE authorities and they contacted Pakistani consulate for his deportation. Hammad Siddiqui was wanted by the law enforcement authorities in Pakistan in multiple different cases including baldia factory fire incident in September, 11, 2012 which claimed the innocent lives of 250 people, and he was also accused in Imran farooq murder case. Authorities decided to arrest him through Interpol and he was deported to Pakistan and handed over to intelligence services authorities in Pakistan after the mutual coordination between the official of Pakistan & UAE. Siddiqui was holding a working visa as a marketing manager of a trading company in Dubai when he moved to UAE in 2013 after the termination of his membership to the party due to violating the party discipline. Before that while in Karachi-Pakistan he was working as the in-charge of Karachi Tanzeemi Committee (KTC) of MQM.

Baldia Factory Fire Incident:

Siddiqui was in-charge of Karachi Tanzeemi Committee (KTC) of MQM, but on the back-end he was the main person collecting Bhata (Protection Money) from the business owners in Karachi. In September 2012 he asked for PKR 250 million as protection money from the owner of baldia factory, who denied to give money to them. At that time MQM sector incharge Rehman alias Bhola who was arrested in Dec 2016 from Bangkok, Thailand, by Interpol confessed that he deliberately set fire to Ali Enterprise on the instructions of Hammad Siddiqui. Bhola had revealed that the MQM leader instructed him to set fire to the factory in the vicinity of Baldia Town Karachi because of non-payment of PKR 250 million ‘bhatta’ (protection money). He had claimed the intention behind the attack was only to intimidate owners of the factory, and he didn’t anticipate that his act would result in the loss of so many lives. In 2016 Anti-terrorism court issued a non-bailable red warrant for siddiqui.


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