Typhoid Outbreak in Pakistan

In the modern times, the drug-resistant bacteria are becoming a major medical issue. Especially due to excessive use of antibiotics, the immune systems of humans do not develop enough to tackle diseases and the bacteria are evolving resistance to such antibiotics. This causes a huge concern throughout the globe as many diseases cannot be treated even with strong antibiotics.

Typhoid in Pakistan

Typhoid is one of the worst diseases which spreads due to poor sanitation and unavailability of clean drinking water. In the past, there have been several incidents of drug-resistant typhoid bacteria but the extent of resistance which this super-bug has developed has been unprecedented in Pakistan. The only oral drug left effective is the Azithromycin. According to Agha Khan University assistant professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, the typhoid bug, when it acquires resistance to any drug, keeps it forever. In extreme cases, an intra-venous drug, Meropenem. Recently, an anti-typhoid vaccination programme has been started. this has been the first time that such an outbreak of drug resistant typhoid has been seen in Pakistan. Due to its resistance to almost every drug used to treat it, this super-bug has been classified as “extremely drug-resistant”.

Typhoid Outbreak Pakistan

The major reason for the outbreak of this disease is the consumption of contaminated water and food prepared in this water. Sewer leakages also leads to water contamination and spread of this disease. The population of Pakistan is especially vulnerable to it because of such conditions throughout the country. A new and stronger vaccine called Typbar-TVC has been introduced which is currently the only way to stop this epidemic. Let’s hope this curse is stopped before it consumes more precious lives.

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