Types of Teachers We All Have

DISCLAIMER: This article is for entertainment purposes only and is not meant to disgrace teachers, who are the molders of lives and ideals forever, we love them to infinity and beyond.

From Montessori to later education we encounter diverse types of teachers. We move from the phases of being studied by teachers to lecturers and the mere instructors. In every class there are various types, some of them are following:

  • The Jaan

This teacher is the life of all the school and advocate of the basic rights of students like fighting with the principal for trips, giving free periods, teaching less, and even gossiping about the other teachers and most of all caring as a mother or father. Students love them and are willing to do anything for them when they are put in a situation.

  • The Monotonous

In the lecture of a monotone teacher. Everything stops, the seconds hand on the clock starts moving slow, the air around become silent as if creating space for that still environment to sink in. Now if you can manage to sleep anywhere this class is perfect for you, but its an eternal azaab for the thetas and chamchay.

  • The Mumbler

No offense, but this teacher is the one who just reads the lecture and then repeats it over and over again with different pitches of “aa”, “aaaa” and “a”. It is legit annoying because when once in a year you saddle up and decide to put all your effort to comprehend lectures in a routine, this teacher literally makes you believe that “parhai main kiya rakha hai”.

  • The English speaker

There is a quote in Punjabi ‘English da “the” (di), ty Punjabi da “daa” jithay lagda uthay laa’ and this English speaker one is a perfect example to illustrate this quote. They will speak in broken, mispronounced English and will make your poor mouths to coordinate with them as well.

  • The mother in law

Now this teacher is the center of attraction in every institution, this teacher will make good terms with some of the students in the class, to get reports on everybody and will never leave a single time to spill the milk, spoil a fun Eid Milan Party or just create unnecessary drama.

  • The ultimate crush

We all have that one Cleopatra or Shehzada Gulfaam as a teacher upon whom everybody drools. Students are willing to die for them and talk to them to be their favorite.

  • Alim online

Now whatever he or she may be teaching, the lecture at one point will always divert to a tableeghi ijtimaa and make you feel spoiled and guilty for performing every sin you have done in life. This lecture will leave you drenched in emotions and will make you vow many things, but alas those are always temporary.


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