Types of Illegal Drugs in Pakistan

There are different types of drugs and they are further classified as well as given many street names. It is important for any individual to have knowledge about their type and what classification they are. No drug is safe to use even for recreational purposes or even for medical use. They are often abused because of the sensation it may give the user and that can be highly addictive. Unfortunately drugs have been introduced in schools, colleges and social circles around the world and it has destroyed families and moral values of societies. It can be controlled if proper knowledge is given out to the community and how they can prevent themselves from harmful effects.

Classification of Illegal Drugs

Illegal drugs are placed into 3 classes internationally – A, B or C. This is broadly based on the harms they may cause either to the user or to society when they are misused. Penalty is also based on the class of drugs when a user or seller is caught. More damages they cause, severe the penalties will be. Unlike Class A and B, Class “C” is legal with prescription ONLY.

  • Class A Drugs in Pakistan

Heroin (diamorphine)

Street Names: Gear, Hammer, H, Horse, Brown/Black, Brown Sugar or China White

heroin in pakistan

Heroin comes in a powdered form. It is used mostly by the physical pain sufferers. It relaxes your muscles to the point that you start nodding or falling asleep. It weakens your bones and most Heroin addicts don’t have teeth or would have very weak teeth. It is injected and smoked. It has been reported that snorting Heroin caused brain to bleed and on many occasions it had lead to Death. Overdose or injecting large amount has always been fatal. It is highly addictive.


Street Names: Coke, Gas, Crack, Nose Candy, Rock Star, Rack, Blow, C, Rock, Disco Powder or Base

cocaine in pakistan

Cocaine comes in powdered form. It is either smoked, snorted or injected through needle. It is the most expensive drug in the world that cost a lot and lasts for few hours. It makes your body hot in cold and increase sexual functions. It also increase ability to observe. It damages the brain cells and cause nose to bleed excessively. Deaths have been reported because of its overdose or excess use. It is highly addictive.


Street Names: Done, chocolate chip cookies or fizzies

Methadone in pakistan

Methadone comes in liquid form. It is usually given to those who wants to get off Heroin. Small amount of methadone helps a person during withdrawals after quitting Heroin. It is generally prescribed by the doctor and only given supervised for short term. It weakens your bones and increase the weight around belly. It is abused mostly to get the same sensation as it comes from Heroin. It makes a person fall asleep or go on nod. It is also addictive and can be fatal if consumed in large amount.


Street Names: MDMA, E, Eccy, Pills, Love Pill, Hug, Eve or XTC

ecstasy in pakistan

Ecstasy comes in pills, made from powder illegally. It is used by most party goers as it increase the sensation. It gives you confidence and boost to your desires. A person acts really loving and caring on it. It is consumed as a pill orally. It is fatal if taken in large quantities and death can occur because of hypertension. It makes a person lazy the next day or even for few days.


Street Names: Acid, Battery Acid, Loony Toons, Superman, Purple Heart or Yellow Sunshine

Lsd in pakistan

LSD comes on a piece of paper. It is small in size and looks like a stamp. It is consumed orally. It is placed on tongue and within minute it dissolves. It is used by many addicts to get a weird and strange sensation in the whole body and day dream. People see unrealistic things and also believe strange things happening around them. It is fatal in many cases as people believe being part of a dream.

Magic Mushrooms

Street Names: Shrooms, Mushrooms, Mushies, Magic, Boomers, Caps or Simple Simon

magic mushrooms in pakistan

Magic Mushrooms is also consumed orally. It is a fungi or a real mushroom. It is hallucinogenic and make a person to day dream or see things which don’t even exist. It has Psychedelic compounds that can alter the reality and visual. It also effects open and closed eye visuals. It is known to be helpful who suffer from depression but excess use can be fatal for prolong period. It has feeling that can be very addictive as it is based on unrealistic events.

  • Class B Drugs in Pakistan


Street Names: Speed, Crypto, White Wash, Chicken Feed, Chalk, Truck Drivers, Uppers or Black Beauties

Amphetamine in pakistan

Amphetamines comes in white crystal or powdered form. It is smoked and injected through needles. It increases ability and desires. It effects brain and people using it stays awake for days. It is addictive and can be fatal. It has severe side effects and it increases the ability of body to work. Person on it may suffer from sleeplessness and frustration and anger issues.


Street Names: Ice, Crystal, Meth, Crank, Speed, Fire or Glass

ice in pakistan

Methamphetamines are white crystals. They are smoked and injected. It is known as a source to increase human sexual abilities as well as increase tendency to work more. It keeps user awake for longer such as days or weeks. It is highly addictive and creates dark circles around the eyes. Weight loss has been recorded on multiple occasion. It has severe side effects and most of the time little pleasure from it can give you long lasting anger and violent tendencies. It is widely used now a day and cheapest. Side effects from it can cost you heaps and it is reported that many people have died because of wrong chemical mix with it.


Street Names: Barbs, Toonies, Blue Devils, Yellow Jackets or GABBA

Barbiturates in pakistan

Barbiturates are pills for oral use. They are of various type and commonly known as downers because of their sedative effect. It is used to treat severe anxiety and severe depression. They are commonly available and have same side effects as of any other sleeping pill as well as sedative. It helps to relax and fall asleep. They are not given out without prescription. They have been illegal in most countries because of their unnecessary abuse that lead to severe symptoms.


Street Names: Green, Chronic, GoodShit, Stash, Colorado, 420, Marryjane, Hash, Grass, Pot, Weed, Ganja or Charas

Marijuana in pakistan

Cannabis comes from a plant known as Marijuana plant. It is the most common drug available on the streets of any country. It is smoked or sometimes consumed orally after mixing with drink or food. It makes you hallucinate and stays in your system for a whole day. It has been recently legalized in few countries for patients suffering from cancer to reduce their trauma. It makes your reflexes real slow (like; sssllllloooooowwwwwwwww….). It makes you smile for no reason but also it has a negative effect depending on the user’s mood. It can create a severe paranoia and fear in some people if they are having a bad day. It is addictive and has least fatalities. Many drug addicts admit using cannabis after a severe trauma to relax them and make them forget for the time being about their pain.


Street Names: Bath Salt, Vanilla Sky, Zoom, Bloom, Ivory Wave or LegalX

Cathinones in pakistan

Cathinone is synthetic and available to replace cocaine and methamphetamine. In many countries it has been legalized to replace use of cocaine and ice. It is injected, smoked and taken orally. It comes in powdered form. It is widely used in parties. It still classifies as illegal in many country for having similar effect as of cocaine and MDMA or ecstasy. It is not lethal but many people have been reported to suffer because of the chemicals in it.

  • Class C Drugs in Pakistan

Benzodiazepines (tranquilizers)

Street Names: Benzoz, Roofies, Xenies, Sleepers, Downers or Barbies

Benzodiazepines are serious sleeping tablets and sedatives. They are given out with prescriptions only and hard to obtain but unfortunately they are readily available over the counter in Pakistan. They are given to patients with severe anxiety and depression. It helps them to calm and eventually fall asleep. Many fatalities have been reported because of their overdose.


Street Names: Caps, Cherry Meth, Fantasy, G-Riffic, LiquidX, Liquid Lay or Salty Water

GHB/GBL comes mostly in liquid form, odorless & colorless, it is used mostly by drug addicts on ICE or Speed as it helps them to fall asleep without any other issue. It has also been used in many drinks that lead to sexual assaults. GHB is consumed orally and has tranquilizing effects and a sedative. Many people have been admitted to hospitals after consuming large quantity.


Street Names: Cat Valium, Super C, Jet, Super Acid, K, Vitamin K or Ketalar

Ketamine is used for maintaining or starting anesthesia. It induces a trance like state while providing pain relief, sedative and memory loss. It was also classified illegal after many drinks were spiked or mixed with Ketamine and lead to sexual assault. It is also used during a dance party where people have claimed to have out of body floating experiences, hallucinations and weird sensations. If abused, it will also have negative effects as decried before.

Anabolic Steroids

Street Names: Juice, Arnies, Stackers, Pumpers or Roids

Anabolic steroids are available in most countries and widely used by body builders. They are consumed orally and sometimes injected. It is an easy way to put less effort and gain heaps of weight. It does have negative effects like acne, hair loss, sudden increase in body mass and sexual dysfunction. Low dosage is recommended to avoid any side effects but some deaths, because of hypertension, has been linked to the excess use of anabolic steroids. It also put pressure on liver and many suffer from liver diseases. They are not addictive but can lead to undesirable physical changes.


Street Names: BZP or Benzies

BZP are synthetic drugs and initially was introduced to reduce the use of ecstasy and amphetamines. It is consumed orally and comes in capsules, pills or white powdered form. It creates the same hallucination effect as MDMA or amphetamine and have same sensation. It is 10 time more potent than amphetamine and have lesser side effects. No deaths have been reported because of it. It has been used lately for recreational use as a cheap alternative of amphetamine. In some countries it is legal and openly available but still hallucinations and sedative feeling can cause much problems in countries like Pakistan.

class c drugs in pakistan

In Pakistan, drugs are unfortunately commonly available. Especially the class “C” drugs can be bought over the counter by anyone while it has been classed illegal in many countries because of the growing trend of its use on daily basis. It is not sold and it should not be sold without prescription and under supervision. Their abuse can lead to serious harm or even death. Some Class “C” Drugs or medications can be used to save someone’s life. But there regular use and abuse can change the way these medication shapes the society.

Cheap and Unclassified Drugs in Pakistan

There has been reports of people sniffing the following to get high temporary. It effects your brain and makes you dizzy. Such people are also known as cheap junkies or cheap addicts. The following are available for anyone at anytime and it has been the worst as prolong use can have severe effects and can lead to brain damage or internal bleeding:

  • Petrol
  • Paint Thinners
  • Paint
  • Diesel
  • Glue

Drugs come in every shape and size. They may have different outcome or different feeling but it will surely take you away from reality and that’s the whole purpose of drugs.Anonymous Dealer




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