Twitter Went Down. Should We Be Worried?

In the era of privacy sensitivity we are handing over our personal information like a baby offered candy in exchange of something else. We all are aware Facebook owner Mark was also summoned in court over data leak case. Now after Careem, Twitter warned its user as well via email with same context that there been a hack but so far no misuse of data have been informed but as a caution we must change our password. According to NBCnews “LeakedSource said the passwords were most likely collected over time by malware-infected browsers that sent saved passwords to hackers.”

Man, it takes a lot of brain stems to set a password!

Now, it might not look that concerning for many civilians because what would a hacker do of someone account with two tweets that makes no sense at all but for the company it could be hell of a bad news. In 2013, after 57 million users data was hacked in america Uber had to pay hacker US$100,000 in exchange of destroying that data. The data hack for us would probably bring a lot of ads and pop up (viruses actually) but the apps that have billing details, it could be use to confirm your account details of credit card number for financial fraud.

Everybody needs to be cautious more than ever. To say first things first, create a separate account for social media platforms and billing/bank stuff and do not synced it with Finance account. Second never save passwords or keep yourself logged in. Do not use google search engine while signed in google account that is primarily the reason for getting similar suggestions on Facebook or Instagram even though it was not searched there. Third try to use a different password for every other site and fourth mainly provide as little as possible personal information to any trusted or non trusted sites.

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