Twitter At Stake In Naya Pakistan?

Over the time the twitter has become the to go Micro-blogging website for publishing one’s opinion and let it reach to maximum number of people. The users are free to tweet but the Pak­istan Telecommuni­cation Authority (PTA) has a different perspective as how to twitter should work in Pakistan.

On Wednesday, PTA informed the Senate Standing Com­mittee on Cabinet Secre­tariat that twitter refuse to coöperate with the official institution. Last week Islamabad high court (IHC) sent a final notice to the twitter officials seeking response to Pakistan’s request of blocking offensive contents or the micro blogging might face complete block in Pakistan as other websites had also met a similar fate. The government looks forward to twitter co-operation as blockade would result in the trendy website loss as a visible loss of business from Pakistan.

“Out of a hundred requests from Pakistan to block certain offensive material, roughly five per cent are entertained. Twitter ignores all the remaining requests. The PTA has conveyed the court’s concern to Twitter, but has not got a response. The regulatory authority will implement court orders if Twitter does not respond to the final notice”, says Director General of PTA’s Internet Policy and Web Analysis, Nisar Ahmed

Previously, the government had as well blocked YouTube (2012 till 2014) and Facebook (in 2008 and 2010) but according to Nisar Ahmed both websites has adjusted and worked with the government over the concerns of offensive content spread on social media. Facebook has hired a focal, a Pakistan national to look over the matters and reports from Pakistan since such person would understand the traditions and cultures and concerns of Pakistani society better. Even YouTube is offering local versions for suitable content view. Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, DailyMotion are the emerging websites in Pakistan and PTA aims at a better experience that should certainly lack hatred and demeaning comments for state, its institutions as well as its officials.

The Twitter might be save as when PTA addressed the issue to Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf information secretary Fawad Chaudhry who responded in against of any censorship on media and freedom of speech. Mr. Chaudhry is also likely to become information minister in the new government.

“Those who do not wish to see objectionable and offensive content should not search for such content. Social media is not just for recreation and entertainment. There are jobs and households associated with the business. Blocking social media websites will have both social and economic impacts,” said Mr Chaudhry.


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