Tujh Say Nahi Hoga: Lahoris Mark Your Calendars!

ZigZag Media brings a vision to prioritize the foundation of arts that has to be revived to provide the young talent of our country a mainstream opportunity to showcase their skills at an advanced level and gain the recognition they deserve. The possession of diversity in talent can prove beneficial in terms of legitimate visual motion content being put forth for the industry to further evolve and be appreciated on international grounds.

ZigZag Presents to you Tujh Say Nahi Hoga, a comedy play that envelops the hard work of such artists.

Tujh Say Nahi Hoga Lahoris Mark Your Calendars!

Tujh Say Nahi Hoga

Most of the audience might not have even wondered what goes into the making of a play, the mental struggles and physical endeavors that the whole team goes through and the effort they put in. The idea of bringing forward all that goes on behind the curtains in a comical form as ‘Tujh Say Nahi Hoga’ is the manifestation of such an art.

Tujh Say Nahi Hoga Lahoris Mark Your Calendars

Actors and Their Characters

Most of the actors, starring in the play are youngsters, which is a purposeful initiative taken to help them to explore their capabilities as potential actors and to grow in their careers.

Rana Abdul Rehman: Having been the backbone of his university’s dramatics society, and performing in plays such as ‘Bananistan’. He is not only the director of the play ‘Tujh Say Nahi Hoga’ but is also performing in it as Faseeh Raza, the director in the play.

Syed M. Murtaza: He has been deeply engrossed in the Lahore theatre circuit for the past 5 years. having co-written the play ‘Tujh Say Nahi Hoga’ he also performs in the play as Jibran Qaiser (Jibu), the shy stage boy who always makes sure things run smoothly.

Mahnoor Lashari: Mahnoor has been actively partaking in theatrical productions for about 6 years. In Tujh Say Nahi hoga she is performing as Taleya Khan, the assistant director of the play.

Ahmad Kamran: During his 10 years on stage, he has won multiple awards for acting, direction and even technicals. In Tujh Say Nahi Hoga, he is playing the character Harris Jutt known as ‘Harry’, a guy who left village with only one thing on his mind; acting.

Hiba Tariq: She has been in the drama circuit for the past 5 years and was president at UCL’s dramatics society. In Tujh Say Nahi hoga she is performing as Shameana Kakazai, model turned theatre actress.

Jawad Jafar:  He’s acted and directed a string of plays. and is currently doing his bachelor’s in theater, film and television from BNU. In Tujh Say Nahi hoga he is performing as Kamran Ajmal, a great theatre actor of his time.

Laiba Peerzada:  has had a passion for theatre since past 5 years. In Tujh Say Nahi hoga she is performing as Quraitulain Tararr, the youngest and most enthusiastic of the cast.

Asim Shahid: Having performed with DramaF, JTillusionists and, most recently Pakistan Tehreek-e-Comedy, Asim is playing the role of Tariq Memon who was exposed to a lot of street theatre in his home town of Meerut where he promised himself that one day when he’ll make enough money he’ll help anyway he can. Now that finally has some money he’s producing “Mughe Kyun Nikala Dil se” in the play Tujh Say Nahi Hoga.

Awais Chaudhry:  He has been associated with theatre for over 3 years and has also modeled for many TV commercials. In Tujh Say Nahi hoga he is performing as Zahid Ali, who’s relatively new in theatre and does not know a lot about it.

Ahsan Ansari: Previously having worked for top brands like Stoneage and ChenOne as a Model, he is currently doing his Bachelors in television, films and theatre from BNU. In Tujh Say Nahi hoga he is performing as Bilal Malik, a charming, aloof and the apple of the director’s eye.

Neesa Kazmi:  Having zero credentials to her name. With acting skills mirroring that of a stone, she is set out to employ those very skills in her performance. In Tujh Say Nahi hoga she is performing as Saba Sheikh, who hails from a middle class family living in Gujrat.

Zain Bajwa: He has been doing theatre since years and has won many competitions. In Tujh Say Nahi Hoga he is playing the role of Siam Afzal, the writer of the play “Mughe kyun nikala Dil Se”.

Play Information

The play will take place at Alhamrah Hall 2 on 3rd, 4th and 5th of May 2018 and the ticket price for a single entry is Rs. 500. Please come and support our country’s raw talent. See ya all there!

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Contact Numbers

(042) 35791101


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