Trivzia: Win Cash From Pakistan’s First Ever Live Mobile Game Show

Game shows in Pakistan have truly revolutionized the way how entertainment channels worked in Pakistan. These game shows have garnered a lot of attention of the general public ever since their advent back in 1975 from the all-time famous Bazm-e-Tariq Aziz which was a platform that allowed the participants to win cash prizes and other gifts for answering a set of questions rightly or through different mind challenging competitions.

This concept recently gave birth to multiple game shows across the electronic media. Different TV channels realized the amount of appreciation and attention these shows were getting and made their own versions of the game shows which are undoubtedly immensely popular among the Pakistanis. Not only have they changed the inclination of the electronic media to these shows, but this concept also trickled down to Ramadan transmissions where in an attempt to help people, these “easy win” competitions have been introduced.

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Due to their huge success the accessibility of these shows and the probability of a normal person participating have dropped immensely. Additionally, these game shows take place in the studios of the renowned TV channels which are present mostly in Karachi, which once again, makes it in accessible for most people.

This idea of letting a bigger audience participate equally for a cash prize or other gifts gave room for an online game show that could help people win through answering through their phones.

Pakistan’s First Mobile App Live Game Show

The recurring attention of people towards these game shows seeded the idea of Pakistan’s first mobile app game show, Trivzia. The main attraction lies in the fact that this game is free and is open for everyone, without the need for any payments to enter the contests.

This application gives the nationals of Pakistan, an easy way to make money at home by doing nothing but answering 10 simple questions.

Due to the simplistic procedure of getting registered, Trivzia attracts thousands of users per day. Any Pakistani national over the age of 18 can simply join the game after downloading the application and typing in their basic information i.e. name etc.

Trivzia Game Show Format

Every day at 10PM, the game show starts, any user can join in by turning on the game application 5 minutes before the said time and pressing the “Join the game” icon. Once the game show starts and people fail to join the game on time, they can still watch the game show.

The game is usually hosted by Rana Bobby, an RJ, singer and actor who walks the participants through the process of playing the game and asks the questions.

Trivzia pakistan mobile game show

There are ten questions and at the top of the ladder is the cash prize pool. The participants are given 10 seconds to answer each question. Any participant who answers a question rightly automatically proceeds to the next question. In case of bad luck or getting the answer wrong, a participant can either use a life line or they’re automatically eliminated from playing further.

There are different lifelines provided for the ease of the participants; to ignore a wrong answer, to increase the 10 second time for answering, to eliminate 2 options out of the 4 etc. Life lines can be earned by referring the game to other people, or through any bonus schemes that the app may announce.

Win Cash Prizes

The cash pool gets divided among the winners at the end of the game. If there are no winners, the cash prize is turned on to the next day to make the next day’s pool bigger. The pool, however, may vary according to the sponsor’s will but it is usually within tens of thousands of rupees!

Trivzia pakistan game show

The catch here is that if a person doesn’t make it to the last question, there’s always a next day when he can try again as the game show comes live every single day.

Hold on Tight – Surprises on Your Way!

On an announced particular day, there can be surprise pools for the participants who answer a certain question correctly. Or on special occasions like Eid, the prize pool is increased to 1 lakh.

Once a winner accumulates the cash prizes and makes it above 500 rupees, he/she can cash out the amount using Easy Paisa or Jazz Cash. Winners across Pakistan have successfully won thousands of rupees as shown in the app’s leaderboard, and with the exponentially increasing community of participants, the prize pools will only increase and it would become more easier for the participants to win lots of money.

Download Trivzia Mobile Game Show App

  • For Apple iPhone you can download Trivzia App from here.
  • For Android you can download Trivzia App from here.

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