Trash Into Cash-Fastest Growing e-Com Site elo Brings Revolution

Export Leftovers is an emerging and fast growing eCom site dedicated to use trash and convert it into lacs. Export Leftovers is disturbing Pakistan’s 1 Billion eCommerce Industry and individuals are paying heed. Elo (Export Leftovers) is worked around finding the best quality marked articles of clothing and merchandise at factory costs.

Umar Qamar began the organization when he couldn’t discover international brands in Pakistan. Turns out, a pack of different folks felt a similar way and he went from offering 10 polos from inside a plant meeting space to making one of the biggest web stores ever in Pakistan. Umar’s fixation on design, worldwide brands and diminishing waste made him investigate Pakistani Garments Factories. Upon his examination, he rapidly discovered that there are more than 3,000 Garments processing plants in Pakistan that deliver stock for all the main international brands. Because of operational/infrastructural wasteful aspects, Pakistani Garment plants create around 5 million extra (overabundance generation) pieces every year. Umar willingly volunteered give these pieces of clothing an importance, a reason to exist and to be adored. He propelled Export Leftovers in 2013.

Today, the organization has set up a system of providers all through Pakistan, Bangladesh and China. They strive to convey new, creative items to keep pace with the necessities of our clients. With free delivering on request over Rs.1,499, simple returns and trades, and a 30 days cash back strategy, you have completely zero hazard when you experiment with an elo stock.


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