Transgenders: Part I “Stop Treating Transgender People Like Sex Objects”

A transgender person is a soul trapped in a wrong body. A transgender person is someone who doesn’t feel comfortable in his body, doesn’t feel like belonging to the gender he/she was born in. A transgender person is not a person who on purpose adopted the other gender. That person is a normal human being whose brain works against her/his body structure.

There is a worldwide threat to trans people but in Pakistan the scenario is alarming. In past few years many trans women and men were victim to heinous acts of brutality. They were bullied, beaten, raped and left naked on the streets like they weren’t even human. Many died during this torture. There were many incidents in different areas of Punjab too. Few stories managed to get the media attention, majority didn’t. Transgender people are treated worse than animals in Pakistan right now.

The first thing that comes to our sick nation is that transgender people are some sex objects. They are molested, raped and humiliated as if they are animals.

Have you ever thought that what would you do if one of your children is a transgender? He/she would still be your child right? Or will you throw the kid away or will you kill the baby? Will you accept his/ her identity? Will you be there as a parent always?

I wonder have these people who treat transgender people as non-human beings, who shame us as a nation, have they ever imagined what would have they done, where would they seek shelter and protection if they were transgender people.


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