Top Potato Chips (Crisps) Brands in Pakistan

Pakistan’s food sector is changing significantly as lifestyles and traditional eating habits are shifting. Retail sales of processed foods are expanding. Demand for international quality snacks is growing, particularly among educated, middle and upper income urban consumers due to changing lifestyles and change in the taste of the consumer, influence of foreign media and increasing awareness. Other factors influencing the demand are the growing population, increase in income level and improved living standards. Advertising is also helping to stimulate demand for potato snacks. The only key factor currently impacting the Crisps and Savory Snacks market is public inclination towards health issues.

The Pakistan Snacks Industry is experiencing an annual growth rate of 20-30% per year. Children, teenagers and young people are the target market of this product and given the changing eating habits of the target market, inclination is more towards having snacks. Potato and corn snacks are labelled as a meal replacement, and being a light fast food are becoming popular.

Lays has been the largest player in this segment since it entered the market in 2007. By introducing innovative and trendsetting potato chips flavors backed with international quality, Lays became the growth catalyst for the natural potato chips category. Following are the major and leading producers of Potato Chips (Crisps) in Pakistan:

  • Lay’s by Pepsi Co. Inc.
  • Oye Hoye by United Snacks
  • Kolson by Consolidate
  • Krincles by Trading Enterprises
  • Golden Chips by Standard Foods (Pvt.) Limited
  • Super Crisps by Tripple EM (Pvt.) Limited
  • Smiths by Kohinoor Smith (Pvt.) Limited

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