Top Places to Visit in Islamabad

The idea of a one day trip is both an invigorating and a feasible one, especially for individuals with busy schedules and who just cannot take out the time to plan the vacation they deserve! Well for all the people desperately in need of a break from their tiring routine, planning a one day trip to Islamabad might just be what you need. Here we list down the best places to enjoy at while in the federal capital.

Spectacular Sunset at Pir Sohawa
The first location is seriously a no brainer; anyone who has ever been to Islamabad knows that a trip to Pir Sohawa cannot be missed! Whether it is for the amazing view or for the scenic ambiance of the Monal restaurant, some fresh air is exactly what the average person who has been around the metropolitan concrete jungle for too long needs! And if the crowd at Monal becomes a little bit too much for you, head on out and upwards towards the beautiful highlands resort whose delightfully cheeky motto boasts: “Where even Angels come and roost!”

Beautiful Faisal Mosque

Up next it’s time to bathe in the rich Islamic history that Islamabad has to offer, offer prayer in congregation at Pakistan’s national mosque, the Shah Faisal masjid! Situated near the enticing Margalla hills, the mosques amazing location allows for it to be spotted even from miles away. As beautiful it is during the day, at night, it lights up the entire area and is a vision to behold. Besides a prayer hall that can accommodate up to 10,000 devotees, the mosque also has a library, lecture hall, museum and a cafe.

Historic Saidpur village

Situated east of Daman-e Koh, stands quaint little Saidpur village. A great place to explore and walk around, Saidpur village has a rich and diverse history whose remnants are still up for grabs for those still willing to learn! The interesting thing about this beautifully ethnic village is how it incorporates Muslim, Sikh and Hindu identities and cultures and merges them into one tourist destination that is absolutely breathtaking to behold. What’s most fascinating is how this seemingly remote village has all the most luxurious fine dining experiences for tourist to indulge in, with places like the Polo Lounge and Des Pardes available.

Lake View Park
Last but definitely not least on the list is the Lake View Park situated right next to Rawal Lake which is also a great spot for activities such as boating and fishing. It is a largely recreational area fully equipped with a wild life parks as well and the fresh breeze which flows from the lake throughout the area makes for it to be an exquisite picnic spot. The park offers a wide range of activities that families can engage in for good wholesome fun such as small passenger train  for a journey around the park, a zoo filled with rare bird species and some intense adventure sports for those who like to live on the edge such as rock climbing, dirt bike trails, paintball and speedboats!.

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