Top New Housing Societies in Mirpur

OPF Housing scheme

OPF (Overseas Pakistani Foundation) Housing scheme is among the most well-known housing schemes in Mirpur, Azad Kashmir. It has been operational for several decades and houses thousands of people. Not only that, they have several schools including OPF school system, The City School and a pre-school Beaconhouse in its premises together with a mini mart, a coffee shop, an ice cream parlor etc. The roads are wide and carpeted, the housing scheme is lit with several hundred bulbs placed throughout the main boulevard at night. There are 4 backup generators in case of long running power failure and good security system in place.

The houses are allotted on time, transfers take place quickly and contractors are wetted by the housing scheme themselves before they begin work on any house. In short, the housing scheme treats its residents like family, taking care of every small little need and details. Overseas Pakistani Foundation membership form can also be obtained at their regional office: 2G, Sector D/3 Issam Plaza, Allama Iqbal Road, Mirpur (AJ & K)

Bahria Town

Bahria town in Mirpur, like in any other city, strives to provide the best possible living environment. The security is top notch, with cameras installed everywhere and an in house security team. The basic amenities are provided in a much more targeted form; the electricity doesn’t fall from the required amount hence no outages. There are small local businesses from food to other daily utilities within the premises, making it the most popular scheme and gaining more residents by the hour.

Mitula Homes

Mitula home is one of the oldest housing schemes yet is remarkably dense with occupants, still very happy with their living conditions and surrounding.

Although Mitula homes may not have every basic need addressed, they are located in the heart of the city and have easy access to the entirety of it. People have a lot of history associated with this housing society and have on numerous occasions called it the best.

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