Top Local/Desi Restaurants in Faisalabad

Faisalabad, the 3rd most populous city of Pakistan also known as “The Manchester of Pakistan”, the city that majorly produces cotton and silk textile, agriculture equipment, industrial chemicals and clothes etc.

It is also a paradise for food lovers, from desi traditional food of Faisalabad to modern fast food, one might struggle not to find something he/she wants to eat. Over the years, city has developed big time in every aspect of life and our list of top 5 restaurants of Faisalabad is:

  1. Dynasty Restaurant

This is one of the top restaurants of Faisalabad; anyone living in Faisalabad has been to dynasty numerous times and knows the menu by heart. Dynasty restaurant Faisalabad is located on service road, 2-A Peoples colony, Jaranwala road, near Kohinoor chowk Faisalabad. They have everything and every type of food to offer.

Dynasty Restaurant Faisalabad
  1. Quilim Chinese Restaurant

Quilim is located at Hashmat Ali Khan Road, Faisalabad and they are open from 10am-12am. Located near the most visited place by people D-ground, quilim Chinese restaurant Faisalabad is known for its variety and quality of food.

  1. Sams Fried Chicken and Burgers

If you haven’t already been there, Sams fried chicken and burger, located at D-ground Faisalabad, is a definite try in 2017. The reason is their consistent and diverse menu that is great in quality and brilliant in quantity. Their chicken burgers are must have!

  1. Baba Tikka

Baba Tikka is located near D-ground in Peoples colony Faisalabad. It is open from 2pm-2am. The restaurant owner started on a stall 20 years ago and now they have the most famous BBQ in Faisalabad.

  1. Forks N Knives Pizza Kitchen

We all are pizza lovers and Forks N Knives is among the top home delivery restaurants in Faisalabad. For one and half year they have been working in the city and they have earned their reputation superior than pizza hut. They are open from 11am-2am.

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