Top Five Government Schools in Lahore and Their Addresses

School is a learning place for the students which provide formal education to the students. Parents all over the globe are concerned about sending their children to well-reputed and schools that make their child’s strong foundations. In Pakistan Lahore is an education hub where there are many famous schools and other educational institutes are present. Lahore is the most important city so being the most important city the quality of education provided in government schools as compared to other cities are far better.

  1. Divisional Public School and College (DPS or DPSC)

DPS is a balanced composition of excellent facilities, studious environment, resolute determination to the cause of education, modern and effective teaching methodology, effective discipline, dedicated efforts for the personality development of the students, well directed syllabus and maintenance of an overall high standard which is so characteristic of DPS.

Location (Main branch) Model Town Circular road, Lahore

  1. Convent of Jesus and Mary

The Convent of Jesus and Mary, Lahore, commonly referred to as “Convent”, is a girls-only school situated in Lahore, Punjab. The aim of  this school to bring about the all-round development of the child’s physical, spiritual, intellectual, cultural and social growth, so as to form girls with integrated personalities, while taking into consideration the personal need of the individual and also that of the changing world of today. It educates over 2,300 girls aged between 4 to 18 years starting from preschool to Grade 11.

Location (Main branch) 4 Durand Road, Lahore Pakistan

  1. Queen Mary College

Queen Mary College (or QMC), is an autonomous academic institution for girls located at Lahore, Punjab. It was established on December 10, 1908 as Victoria May Girls High School and later renamed in honor of the Queen Consort of King George V in 1911.

Location (Main branch) 2-Durrand Road Garhi Shahu, Lahore

  1. Central Model School

Central Model School or CMS Lahore, is a school in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan. The school has two independent branches, with independent Head Masters; one is near District Court and the other is in the center of Samanabad, near Masjid e Khizra. More than 5000 students study in the school. Central Model School (District Court’s) the senior headmaster.

Location (Main branch) F-II, Bilal Center, 9 Nicholson Road Lahore. Pakistan

  1. Aitchison College

An Aitchisonian exudes a well-cultivated air of confidence without appearing conceited. Aitchison College Lahore is an independent semi private college for boys. The college encircles up to date facilities with a good teaching faculty. The school’s traditions and philosophy of what it means to succeed, may not always produce better scholastic rankings than other premier schools but it does result in the Aitchisonian having a broader breadth of experience and more rounded personality. However, more than anything else, a good Aitchisonian is almost always gentlemanly – embodying all the values that it implies. The emphasis on character building is an ethos that is the very essence of what it means to be a student at Aitchison College.

Location Shahrah-e-Quaid-e-Azam Mall Road Lahore

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