Top Events in Lahore Not to be Missed

  1. Lahore Literary Festival

Every year, Pakistan hosts a number of literary festivals across major cities to celebrate writers, thinkers, auteurs of impact, art, history & literature in general. Lahore Literary Festival is one of the most prominent and widely attended because the event is always very well organized with speakers ranging from international bestsellers to national star writers. The event presents an impressive lineup that is not to be missed.

  1. Rafi Peer Art Festivals

Rafi Peer Theatre Workshop is responsible for hosting several cultural events throughout the year including but not limited to Rafi Peer Puppet Festival, Mystic Music Sufi Festival and Rafi Peer International Film festival, to celebrate talent for vastly different and unfamiliar arts. Rafi Peer is a powerhouse in Pakistani art scene, and all events feature amazingly gifted people from around the world, making it a tasteful display of art genius.

  1. Food Festivals (Haryali Farmers Market /Khalis Market/Lahore eat/Cook festival)

Lahore and food might soon go down in the dictionary as synonyms, so strong is their affiliation and love affair. A city brimming with foodies, hosts several small to mega scale food and culture events throughout the year but mostly around the cooler months, to help satiate the foodie cravings. All these have excellent management, great music and continuously attracts thousands of people, sometimes chocking the city to a halt with its sheer enthusiasm.

  1. TEDx Lahore

“TED” stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design — three broad subject areas that are, collectively, shaping our future and hosts several talks where not only leaders from different fields, but people who overcame immense odds share their moving and motivating stories in front of a live audience.

Lahore recently started hosting TED talks (now called TEDx), and hosts over 500 live audiences. This event is slowly gaining attention in Pakistan as audience ranging from different age groups belonging to diverse backgrounds attend these talks.

  1. Pak Wheels Auto show

Lahore has recently started hosting car and auto shows yearly, but the Pak Wheels Auto show stands out for its outstanding management. Participants showing their cars from vintage to modified racing cars has something to offer for everyone. People from all around Pakistan attend this car show as spectators and/or participants, bringing all car lovers to the Liberty chowk.

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