Top 5 Places for Breakfast in Karachi

Breakfast is the former and most pleasing meal of the day and if you are like me, then this meal could make or break your day. Generally people prefer going out to make their morning delightful. There are two types of people; one who prefer English breakfast, while the rest prefer desi breakfast. Don’t you worry; we’ve enclosed top 5 go-to-places in Karachi for a wonderful breakfast.

  1. Tooso

It is located in Bahadurabad, PECHS and Defence. No doubt, Tooso provides the best Desi Nashta in the town. One must visit this place to eat the delicious Halwa Puri.

  1. Dera Restaurant, Boat Basin

Clifton is home to the famous Boat Basin food strip and the Dera Restaurant is a fairly admired destination for early morning breakfast. The place is famous for various eateries for Halwa Puri but Dera is the one we prefer over the others.

  1. Espresso

Espresso offers a mouthwatering breakfast which is scrambled eggs, cheese, beans and turkey wrapped in a crispy wheat tortilla. They also offer warm omelets which are served with your choice of bread and hash browns.

  1. Dhamtal Sweets, Bakers and Nimco

Dhamtal located in Ayesha Manzil (FB Area) is another well-liked breakfast point on the other side of the bridge. It’s a sweets shop, and bakery that also serves halwa puri and cholay which are finger-lickin’!

  1. Master Juice

Master juice is located in Defence phase II and this one is a different go-to-place for the best halwa puri nashta and juices. You don’t wanna miss out on this.

There are many places in Karachi famous for breakfasts, so we might have missed out a few of your favorite ones. Do give us your suggestions as well in the comments below. We are sure your mouth is watering after going through this list. We won’t be surprised if you’ll choose anyone place from this list for your breakfast.


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