Top 5 Museums In Islamabad You Should Visit

Museums help you take a trip back by combining your imagination with real life objects that help you interweave the story and understand how things work at past and how certain people lived. Museums have important role in the preserving the history, culture, old gadgets, things people used, I mean real things from that time. We should really pay regards to those who worked so hard in protecting the whole old eras for us and the best way to do that is to visit them. Here is a list of museums that you can visit with you kids this summer.

5 Museums In Islamabad YouShould Visit

  1. Lok Virsa

Located at Shakkar Parriyan, the Lok Virsa museum has conserved the remains of Gandhara art in it. All those jewels and idols from there time. It is made in an interesting way comprising of alleys which kind of gives a look of a maze and leads you to different sections. It also has exhibits for the traditions of different provincial culture and mannequins of historic figures. The gift shop at Lok Virsa museum is super affordable unlike others and has some real colors in it.

5 Museums In Islamabad You ShouldVisit

  1. Railway Museum

Railway museum is at Golra Railway station in Islamabad near E-11 sector. For the seekers for Indian british history and the trail lovers lot, this place is not less than a heaven. It has all the parlours aging back to the British raj, with all those luxurious curtains and tables on which they made plans and bathrooms made out of whole compartments, engines of that time and much more.

5 Museums In Islamabad YouShouldVisit

  1. Pakistan Army Museum

Tired of finding the right place to celebrate Independence Day this summer? Go to Army museum at GHQ Rawalpindi. The place is a 100 out of 100 to watch especially on August 14. They have these army band playing national anthem and patriotic songs. The museum is a state of art. It has artefacts related to war belonging to Changez Khan, Mughal Emprors, samples of all types of guns, real war used guns, the uniforms of shuhada of Pakistani history and the lavish classic car used by Ayub Khan. Enough spoilers guys, do visit!

5 Museums In Islamabad You Should Visit.

  1. Pakistan Monument Museum

Ever fancied all those wax mannequins of Queen Elizabeth, President Obama and thinking that oh the Goras have so much time to waste and do cool stuff like that. Well we also do! Pakistan Monument Museum has the wax statues of all the historic people set up as scenes from the history of independence of Pakistan and India from the British rule. The museums basic appeal is the daily life articles from the lives of poet Iqbal and Quaid e Azam.

5 Museums In Islamabad You Should Visit..

  1. Pakistan Museum of Natural History

Its also located in the premises of Shakkar Parriyan and has simulations for science and technology. It has geological rocks, types and kinds of oils, all the fossils, extinct animals, astronomical artefacts. It’s a place to be for the sci-fi brilliant kids.


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