Top 10 Street Foods Not to be Missed While Travelling To Pakistan!

There’s a saying that the true taste of a country can be found on its streets. Sure there are plenty of silver spoon restaurants that will pamper you with fancy cutlery and wooden tables but they are nothing as compared to the true cultural food which represents the true color of the country. Here is a list of top ten street food recipes that can be found all over Pakistan and are a massive treat for the taste buds!

  1. Fruit Chaat

fruit chaat pakistan

Fruit chat is basically the desi counterpart of the western Olivier fruit salad but our version is way more tasty and flavorful for it is added with a special type of masala known as the chaat masala. A serving of fruit chaat usually incorporates sliced mangoes, bananas, apples, grapes, strawberries, and melons but any fruit of choice can be added to make this wonderful assortment more enjoyable.

  1. Dahi Bhallay

dahi bhallay pakistan

Bhallay also known as Dahi barray, are a light yogurt based snack that can be found all over the country. it is prepared by deep fried balls of besan that are softened by soaking in water overnight and then served in a mix of boiled chickpeas, sliced potatoes, onions, tomatoes and topped with crispy papri. Dahi bhallay is a famous snack especially prevalent in the month of Ramadan. You can download the sooperchef app and check out the delicious dahi bhalla recipe.

  1. Gol Gappay

gol gappay pakistan

Gol gappay are known by many names including pani puri, Pani patashy etc but no version is less tasty than the other one. The traditional gol gappa is made of a hollow puri which is filled with all sorts of delights like boiled chickpeas, potatoes which are then topped with tamarind chutney or yogurt. Pani puri is served with sour water of tamarind.

  1. Jalebi

This is agreeably the gooiest and sweet entrée on our list, say hello to the jalebi. This extremely saccharine, pretzel shaped delight is for the sweet lovers only. It is made with maida that is fried in a deep Karaci and then soaked in sugary syrup known as the sheer. This delight is sometimes eaten with rabri and Malai to add extra pleasure and creaminess.

  1. Chana Chaat

chana chaat pakistan

Chana Chaat is an assortment of boiled chickpeas with spices and vegetables like boiled potatoes which are nicely diced into small pieces and onions with tomatoes and green chilies. The mixture is then sprinkled with chaat masala and eaten as a street snack. Chana chaat can be found at roadside eateries and eaten all over the country especially during the auspicious month of Ramadan and Eid festivities.

  1. Samosa

samosa pakistan

Samosas are the most eaten snacks all over the Indian subcontinent and are taking over the world by storm. They are now gaining popularity all over the Arabian Peninsula and parts of America and Europe. This snack is made by a tortilla type covering in which a stuffing of potatoes, cheese, meat, mince and chickpeas is added. It can be served baked and fried.

  1. Anday wala Burger

The most notorious snack from Pakistan that has taken all over the country is known as the anday wala burger. It has appeared in thousands of memes on Facebook and is one of the most popular snacks on the streets of Pakistan right now. This sandwich is made with a meat patty accompanied by an omelet or fried egg between two buns. In Karachi, it is also known as the bun kabab. It is served with a traditional sauce called chutney. Check out the anday wala burger made by

  1. Kulfi

kulfi pakistan

Kulfi is a sweet delight which can be called frozen dessert on a stick. This creamy nibble is the counterpart of the western ice cream but in fact is much more flavorful. Kulfi is also served with falooda sometimes but mostly eaten off a Popsicle stick. Contemporary kulfis are topped with crushed coconut, almonds, and walnuts.

  1. Shwarma

shawarma pakistan

This tasty snack has made its way all the way from the Arabian Peninsula and has become of the greatest snacks that Pakistani’s can get their hands on. Shwarma is made by skewing meat on a rotator which is sliced off with a knife and served in a bun or thick bread. Shwarma was basically made with camel meat and beef but the chicken version is more popular in the country.

  1. Paan

paan pakistan

To conclude the list, the last but not the least position is given to the tasty and flavorful plan. This wonderful mix of a betel leaf and areca nuts are mostly eaten after a great feast and contains many flavorful ingredients like tobacco, supari, gulkand, slaked lime and Katha paste which are wrapped in a betel leaf. It can be kept in the mouth and chewed for a long time for its psychotropic effects.


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