Top 10 Countries To Have The Most Beautiful Women In The World

Beauty is distributed all over the globe and there is no one definition of beauty yet there are some countries known to have the people with most striking looks.

Lets look at the top 10 countries to have the most beautiful women in the world.

  1. Canada

Canadian women are one of the warmest and nicest women you will ever meet. It is a beauty and attraction in its own way.

  1. Netherlands

Its women are pretty, very progressive and tall. The have an opinion and accept all ideas. What else you want? Beauty and brains is the best beauty.

  1. Italy

An exquisite taste for fashion and that unique accent make them very exotic women.

  1. Venezuela

They hold the title of most wins in the beauty pageants, that explains well how pretty women of this nationality are.

  1. Russia

Their women are fierce, beautiful and bold. Their accent makes them more desirable women because the soft looks with that accent are a rare breed.

  1. Colombia

Who doesn’t go crazy for a perfectly tanned slender tall body? Well Colombian women are all about perfect bodies.

  1. Denmark

The Danish women look gorgeous without any effort. They look like some fierce queens and they are just so plain perfect.

  1. Korea

Korean women are nothing less than living dolls. That hair and flawless skin with slim bodies and the perfect fashion sense make them third on this list.

  1. Ukraine

Though Russia and Ukraine are almost same but Ukrainian women are known to be more beautiful. They have beautiful grey eyes and a perfectly carved mouth one can die for.

  1. Brazil

Brazilian women have beautiful athletic bodies; their love for tattoos is unparalleled. What make them gorgeous are their perfectly tanned carved bodies and their Romanian face cuts.


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