Too Tired To Take Off Your Makeup Before Bed? You Might Wanna Rethink That!

We all get a little tired and lazy sometimes, it’s totally okay by human law. But what’s not okay is to not take your makeup properly off before hitting the hay. Believe it or not, any small amount of makeup left on your skin not removed fully can cause some really bad damage that can so easily be avoided by putting in that extra bit effort into picking up that makeup remover and getting the job done. Don’t believe me? You might find further evidence that you really shouldn’t go to bed in your mascara, if you listen to this warning by Theresa Lynch.

As documented in a recent article published by the American Academy of Ophthalmology, Lynch, a 50-year-old from Sydney, revealed that she was almost left blind after failing to remove her mascara properly for a period of 25 years.

After seeking medical advice for eye irritation, discharge, and an uncomfortable sensation beneath her eyelids, Lynch, a mother of two, was horrified when doctors discovered she had calcified bumps, known as concretions, underneath her eyelids caused by years of mascara buildup.

These were consistent with years of mascara use, with fragments of unwashed mascara depositing under her eyelids over the years.

The lumps posed a serious risk to her vision, and it took general anesthetic and a 90-minute procedure to remove them.

The lumps were embedded so deep that particles were building up on top of each other. I was so uncomfortable. My eyelids were swollen and heavy because I left it for so long. I should never have let it get this far, it’s so important to properly take your makeup off every single night. You can’t miss a single day.

Said Lynch on this bad habit of wearing makeup and not washing it off properly before bed.

The symptoms are like somebody throwing a handful of sand in your eye — it’s constantly irritating.


Said her doctor on her case, as they are both trying to spread awareness on this seemingly trivial habit that most of us possess, but can lead to severe case damage, as it almost did to Lynch, almost costing her her sight over a few minutes it takes to remove makeup fully.

And before my Pakistani fellows decide to dismiss this with a ‘yahan aisa kuch nahi hota ye bahir ke maslay hain‘, be aware that our environment deals with more pollution than the bahir people do and we have more exposure to risks such as these with the normal threat of developing any such problem with the constant use of chemicals that stop our body’s normal cleansing processes with daily irresponsible use of makeup products.

Too Tired To Take Off Your Makeup Before Bed You Might Wanna Rethink That!

Whether is forgetting to take off your foundation after a party or not fully cleaning that mascara out, the matter isn’t to completely stop using makeup over this report: it’s to use it wisely and carefully. So next time you’re about to call it a night with leftover makeup from the day, think again.


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