To Maryum Nawaz Punctuation Matters But To Us, PUN-tuation Does

A Work Of Satire On Matter

Maryam Nawaz while recording her statements of 46 out of 128 questions pronounced all the commas and full stops. On interruption from Judge Mohammad Bashir the street smart woman replied ‘my lawyer has asked me to read as it is on paper’ Later, Mohtarma claimed that “punctuations change the meaning”.

The grammar Nazis wept with tears of joy, finally someone understands it and the rest had their popcorn dropping out of mouth with awe. Is the first child of Mian Sahib traumatized from how her father statement about Mumbai 2008 attacks had him in hole and many had to rush and save him. Is it punctuation or PUN-tuation that had her worried. To console Maryam Nawaz, punctuations matter in written form because it does not have the element of voice which might cause confusing but while speaking we manage our tones to deliver the message clearly.

Literally all politicians near elections

Now, we all curious how does Nawaz family manage this much blunders. so, how long do we have to wait till someone scripts the whole inner scenario of Nawaz family going over the details before the appearance in court?
Ma’am, Marriyum Aurangzeb , would you broadcast that script on PTV after all it is related to Sharif khandan. We can also call it a tribute for all the services PMLN has done for Pakistan’s prosperity. We will ignore the broken and insufficient dams and rising petrol price and focus on orange line which is yet to be become beneficial for us.


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