To Be Employed Or To Not Be Employed? A Modern Dilemma

It’s no secret that unemployment is one of the biggest issues our country faces today and while the available seat ratio affects this greatly, another thing that affects it just as greatly is, in fact the employing market. Yes, the ones who employ. Shocking isn’t it?

To Be Employed Or To Not Be Employed Modern Dilemma

The unemployment rate in Pakistan averaged 5.47% from 1985 until 2016, reaching an all time high of 7.80% in 2002 and a record low of 3.10% in 1987. While it remained unchanged at 5.90% in 2016 from 5.90% in 2015. Its almost every other day that we see incredibly qualified and talented graduates, masters, IT experts, engineers, doctors and so on, as they wander about in search of job opportunities due to this bad employment system.

To Be Employed Or Not Be Employed A Modern Dilemma

Every year such talent is lost to the crippling economy, bad employment and no reward standard of the country as people fly overseas to try to earn a better living. And they can’t be blamed, ‘Pakistan may kuch nahi rakha‘ a constant string of similar words is always on every other person’s lips and who is to blame for this? The Government for not doing anything? The Army for interfering with everything? The Police for sleeping on duty? Or the heads at various companies with itchy palms to scratch, who prefer ill gotten-grains over having to read through a worthy resume?

To Be Employed Or To Not Be Employed A Modern Dilemma

Whoever it is, they need to realize the ruin is not far, the foundation they’re trying to build with hollow bricks can’t stand for long and it’ll be too late to close the stable door after the horse has bolted.

With each passing day more and more people are left unemployed and this creates opportunities for other evils, such as the likes of child labor, street crime and so many others to prevail. Due to this unemployment, the standard of living is falling, causing poverty as a consequence, straying people further from education; the poor education system, over-population, energy crisis, violence etc all affect this reality greatly.

So what is the possible solution to this? For beginners, the energy crisis needs to be controlled so economy can prosper, the bevel education system needs to be straightened out, jobs to be given purely on merit and skill, peace and prevalence of work in Pakistan be promoted, and above all, to put a little faith and effort into the country on an individual level to try and push it back up the hill before it collapses completely.

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