Time To Curb That Cell Phone Addiction!

A very familiar topic to us all living in this era is cell phone addiction. We’ve heard it at least once every few days. While it’s a starter for some light humor, it’s also becoming an actual issue for us.

Staring at the computer screen or constantly checking your cell phone might seem harmless, but it’s doing a lot without making obvious.

Here are 5 effects cell phone addiction causes.

1. They literally eat up your time

The most obvious and realistic effect is literally that they waste our time. Quite seriously. It leads to procrastination and you not being able to invest your time into something productive and useful.

2. Less mobile use helps better sleep

Bright light exposure at night sends a message to your body that makes it much more difficult to fall asleep at night, taking on a role similar to caffeine. In fact, the light emitted by cell phones can deter sleep twice as long as coffee can!

3. They can kill!

It sounds dramatic, definitely, but if you look at the numbers, an alarming amount of young people die each year from texting while driving – some 3,000 each year in the US alone. We’ve all done it, even though the consequences can be fatal. “Snapchat story lagani hoti hai bhai” mentality has to change.

Statistics indicate that cell phone use while driving is actually 6 times more likely to cause an accident than driving drunk, making it a leading danger on the road.

4. They affect your personal relationships

Instead of bringing us together, phone overuse can actually tank our social lives. I think the wives who complain their spouses don’t let them see what they’re doing on their phones, or the husbands who complain about their wives watching drama episodes on YouTube after their kids go to sleep can agree.

Distracted from living in the moment and actively listening, young people are missing out on opportunities to genuinely connect to their peers. This is partly due to the prevalence of smartphone use in social situations. Hide that smartphone during social events and you’ll be a happier, more trusted and respected friend.

5. They cause nomophobia

There’s an actual fear for being away from your phone – it’s called nomophobia. The fact that being away from your phone could cause a legitimate fear is a factor enough. We need to moderate the amount of time we use on our phones so that we don’t form an unhealthy addiction to it.

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